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September – November 2009

Sorry I haven’t been around…sooo busy.  Erin had a baby girl!!!  Reilly, more than a week early.  September and October were crazy with so many amazing weddings and we are close to reaching our goal of 200 weddings this year.  We are making sure all of them are FABULOUS!  Also,  we’re working on a new and improved website.  I hope to have it up in the next couple weeks.  So stay tuned for so much more!!!

As I write this, my thoughts are with our makeup and hair artist Erin, who is in labor for her second baby girl.  Erin and I were introduced by her now husband Neil.  A producer and director at that time for Time Warner and now for SUNY.  That was more than 4 years ago and Erin has become such a huge part of the MMF team since then.  She even planned this pregnancy around wedding season!! How committed is that!! Erin has so much energy, her belly grew and grew this season, but Erin was unstoppable.  Taking on as many last minute projects as we needed her too. Commited to her brides and clients. Brides would say to me, “we love Erin.”  I would say. “I know, I know, everyone does.”  She was almost upset with me when I told her I wouldn’t be booking her any weddings on halloween.  Her due date was November 2nd.  So I wanted to post some of Erin’s fabulous work and wish her a happy healthy delivery!

Lelia by Heather Bohm- Tallman

Lelia By Heather Bohm Tallman

Lelia by Heather Bohm Tallman

Kate By Joe Elario Photography

Sarah by Niki Rossi Photography

2010 Colondar Cover

 Hi guys, In addition to all of our normal stuff, I have been on an intense research project.  Next week, I go in and train a bunch of reporters and anchors on hi-def makeup for TV. This includes analyzing them on TV now and finding out what they use. Researching the internet and playing with products that would look better.  Meeting with the reporters and anchors to teach them how to do it themselves and break some very old camera habits.  Working within the station’s budget. Then testing it under the stations lighting and signal.  And finally reviewing and tweeking with feedback after I and management review them on camera with their new looks. I’ll keep you posted.  Thanks to all the makeup lines and consultants at MAC, Bobbi Brown, Makeup Forever, Sephora and of course our own Bare Escentuals and Kevin Aucoin who gave samples for us to evaluate.The 2010 Colon Club Colondar is out and as you may or may not know it is a special project I work on every year. Well, I have been asked back fro 2011!! I was already booked with weddings, so Erin, who also helped out for 2010, will be filling in when I can’t be there, and I will be making some guest appearances and food sampling of course.  They always feed us so well on this shoot!

Photos by and Troy Burns of and available at













9/09  Corporate Stuff
This week I’m gonna show ya some of the corporate stuff we have been working on lately.  Here in Upstate NY or Smallbany, as some of us affectionately refer to it as, we do lots of corporate or commercial styling.

Karen BeforeKaren After

Karen After

  Karen after for all her real estate promotional materials by



The following photos were taken for the NYS Bar Association by Both MMF senior makeup artist Suzan Truax and I worked on this project over a 3 day span all over the Capital District.  The team at the Bar Association, the attorneys themselves and photographer Jeff Foley were all Fantastic to work with.  Jeff kept saying of the samples he printed.  “Look at this, and NO photoshop.” Those words are like music to my ears!

Foley Photography

Foley Photography

Foley Photography

Foley Photography

 Also this week, I took an amazing color class from the North American Hairstyling Awards 2008 Colorist of the Year, John C. Simpson. John is an educator in hair coloring, cutting, and also a makeup artist. His techniques and formulations will forever change the way I color hair.  Thanks John,  You are Fabulous!!

John C. Simpson


Ahhh, a day off.  Labor Day.
A great day to blog about the summer’s happenings at MMF.  Let’s go back to Memorial Day.  The start of summer.  I worked for two days with a great Bride, Vanita Dharan. I met her and her dad at the Glen Sander’s Mansion bridal show last January. Vanita’s dad was as excited about the wedding as Vanita.  He went to India and purchased all her jewelry, and clothing for the two day event.  He would send Vanita photos of the outfits via iphone for her approval from India.  The colors are so different from traditional american weddings, very colorful and vibrant.  Take a look.  I get many questions as to whether or not I know how to do makeup and hair for different nationalities.  Well look at how beautiful Vanita turned out!!



Hair and Makeup by Alayne

and how about these amazing photos taken by Bruce and Wanda Curtiss of  This little bride of Asian decent was so adorable.  She had Suzan our Senior Makeup Artist create two looks for her. She loved, loved, loved sparkle.  The photos are so glamourous, but not over done. Just fabulous!



Photo by Imagine


Photo by Imagine

 It seems that I have worked on a couple projects concerning domestic violence.  This project which I did years ago called for a model that was of mixed race. This project was for the NYS Office for the prevention of Domestic Violence. Even though she was supposed to look upset.  It was hard to hide how beautiful she truly is.  She is actually the director of the agency’s own daughter.

Photo by Bill Murphy

 Oh and lets not forget working with kids.  This summer my goddaughter Carlie was once again chosen by Jen Jen Clothing and Nikki Rossi Photography to be a model for some of Jen Jen’s print advertising and fall line of childrens’ clothing.  I just love Carlie’s little pink toes in the following photo.  Carlie is really starting to enjoy her photoshoots.  Nikki thinks she is a real natural.



Phot by Niki Rossi Photography


Photo by Niki Rossi Photography


Photo by Niki Rossi Photography

August 2009

Also this summer I worked with Michele Riggi, Chairman, of the Saratoga Springs Dance Museum on her Shania Twain inspired look of “Feel Like a Woman. ” For the induction of Tommy Tune into the Dance Museum’s Hall of Fame and Gala on Broadway. This year, since my schedule was so full the day of the festivities.  Michele and I agreed that I would teach her how to do her makeup and hair herself for the Gala.  Her dress was also fitted and designed with the help of Something Bleu Bridal’s owner, Denise Eliopolus. Who also attended the festivities and had her hair and makeup done by Me.  Photos can be viewed at Imagine Portrait Studio’s website and blog @ did a “fabulous” job and I couldn’t have done better myself.  She is an excellent student, chairperson, organizer, performer, fund raiser.  This woman is nothing short of amazing.

I know that I haven’t been bloggin’ as much as I would like, so I thought I’d let you know why and what we have been up to.   In addition to our wonderful loyal customers at the shop, brides around the capital district and beyond.  We have been working on several commercial projects.

 First Off a last minute satellite project for Larry King Live.  Sasha a long time friend of JFK Junior, whose photos appeared in People Magazine recently was on Larry King Live and taped right here in Albany, NY.  Erin, senior hair and makeup artist worked on this project. Next, I have some photos while on set for you, that I thought you may find fun.

Myself, Lorant and Eric shooting a calendar produced by “On The Avenue” magazine for an upcoming calender of well…Hotties. The calendar will promote the need to stop domestic violence.
 On this video shoot, we had to create an old world feel of Hippocrates and then later in the shoot turn the same actor into a modern day doctor. 


On this shoot,  Suzan our senior makeup artist and I worked over a two week period creating video, print and billboards for upcoming promotions for St. Peter’s Hospital.   It was a very intense and rewarding project.In addition, I have been working on a television pilot called, “On The Lake.” Most of the scenes we have shot have been in and around Lake George.  Not only have we been doing green screen interviews, but also character work. Did you know that the Fort William Henry has many ghost sightings!!Also, The final stages of a PBS documentary called “An American General.” began working with the producers of this documentary probably 4 years ago.  I was glad that they called me back in to help them finish the project.And all this over just a few short weeks. So hopefully you will forgive me for not keeping you as updated as usual.
8/10/09A tale of two brides, One at the Sagamore and one in Rensselaer.  An hour and a half apart. On the same day!Kelly and Ashley. I fell in love with them both!  I wanted to be there for both of them.  So I made it happen.  I had teams of three artists in addition to me on both ends, in case anything happened.  Then I previewed both brides and also gave them preview sessions with my other artists to duplicate my work, just in case.  Well, I went to the Sagamore in the morning and made Ashley look like a real life Barbie, as one of our artists said.

Photos by Melanie Gazaway  


As our artists finished up the other attendents in Ashley’s wedding my other team was getting Kelly’s attendents ready.  Ashleys maid of honor booked that exact team for her wedding next year on the spot!!Anne had started Kelly’s hair and Sue had all her colors laid out for me to do her makeup.  So I finished her hair and applied her makeup just prior to her photographer arriving.  The day went off without a hitch and I call it the the day I was in two places at once!! With the help of  6 MMF additional artists.  Great team, Great Brides!

Hair by Anne and Me.  Makeup by Alayne. Photos by Christina Primero  

  Hair by Anne and Me.  Makeup by Alayne. Photos by Christina Primero


Well the day before, I had Melissa.  I love Melissa she reminds me of myself.  So wanting to please others.  She is one of the kindest brides I have ever had.  We worked for several months growing and reshaping her brows so they were perfect for her wedding.She was really worried about her curls falling out, so I came up with another plan.   I went to Longfellows in the morning, curled her hair, left it in the curls, and did her makeup.  Then I was off to the Sagamore again to do another bride’s makeup.  Then I returned to Longfellows to finish Melissa’s hair and touch up her makeup just before her photographer arrived.  I love Melissa’s exotic eyes.  They are amazing!Did I mention that I put $75 in gas in my car in just two days!!


July 2009

7/23/09This is why you should hire MMF to do your hair and makeup.  NUF Said!

Alaina’s before and after photos by and Alayne.

7/18/09Anne located a beautiful referral on from one of our upcoming brides.  Samantha S. Take a look at her experience at MMF…Chicago, IL


I had my hair/make-up preview session here on Saturday and I was really nervous about it because while their website makes the team at MMF seem awesome, I was going into the appointment with no referrals or seeing any reviews of the salon.

However, I was blown away by the talented ladies at MMF. Owned by Alayne Curtiss (who’s truly a sweetheart), this little tiny boutique beauty salon hires only the best. Most of the employees are freelancers, and my make-up artist Nicole was just that … an artist. She was actually an art minor is college and custom blended all my colors and such. I’m not gonna lie. I looked freakin’ amazing when she was done with me. She asked what I wanted, to which I replied, “Kind of glam, but I want to look like myself.” She made my eyes pop like no one’s business, and I still looked like myself, just better. I was so impressed. Not to mention she’s beyond nice and easy to work with. I’m a freak about my eyes, and when things (like eyeliner) come toward them, I freak out. Nicole was able to get me to do eyeliner UNDER my eyes as well as wear mascara. You don’t understand how big this accomplishment is.

On to my hair. Ann was my stylist, and holy crap is this girl nice. She pulled out a style that was exactly what I wanted, and when I spoke up because something didn’t look right to me, she’d fix it and say, “Hun, I can do whatever you what … as long as you’re happy.” I was thrilled with my super awesome side up do that was more red carpet and less “It’s my junior prom.”

If you’re in need of hair and make-up services for a special event, this place ain’t cheap, but it’s worth every penny (especially if you plan to be photographed the entire event). They can come to your house and/or wedding day location, or for a reduced fee, you can go to their boutique salon (which is decorated with a shabby chic motif … so cool). Either way, you’ll be getting fabulous service, and I’m so excited about working with them on my wedding day in September.

Check it out yourself at:

Also this past week we were contacted to shoot a segment of the “Larry King Live Show” via sattelite from Albany.  The guest was Sasha a long time friend of JFK Junior whose photos of her lost friend appeared in PEOPLE magazine recently .  We had 1.5 hour notice and assigned Erin to the job.

I also did some video  and print work at Gilda’s Club in Latham, NY.  Gilda’s is a not for profit organization that gives men, women, and children who are victims of cancer of all kinds…comfort, support, fun, and educational programs.  I am always so humbled whenever I work with cancer patients.

I also did a shoot that had me do some character makeup and acting myself.  Ok it was a teeny tiny bit part in which I pretended to be a patient to a modern day Hippocrates.

Beginning next week, Suzan and I will be doing a 5 day shoot which takes place over a couple weeks for Saint Peter’s Hospital. 

7/5/09My God Daughter Carlie had another photoshoot.  This time she was invited by photographer Niki Rossi at to model for a client Jen Jen designs. A children’s clothing designer from California.  Well check out the photos.  The designer loved them and decided to use some of the following photos for an upcoming ad campaign.  Of course, I offered to be the stylist for her shoot.


The thing I am most blown away by is that my first baby in now in High School.  Although she and I are always going in our own directions, she is a teenager now and not that interested in what her parents think, this is what I love about her…

She is very committed to her academic grades and managed to be on the Principal’s list all through middle school while taking mostly advanced courses.  She remains committed to all of her sports teams, which included soccer, lacrosse and basketball.  She is a good girl with an honest soul, a little like her mom even though she would kill me for saying that!! 



June 2009

6/28/09As many of you may or may not know, Our own Bridal Coordinator, Jessica has been planning her own spectacular wedding, which took place on June 20th, 2009 at the Sagamore Resort in Lake George.  Kudos also go to Kris Ann of . Who did an amazing job of floral design and had vibrant purple orchids everywhere!  Tim and Dana Schaeffer of also did an amazing job of capturing the days events and we barely knew they were there. 

 This photo is of myself and hair stylist Anne, multitasking.  I am finishing Jessica’s mom while Anne does my hair for the wedding.  You see, I usually always miss the ceremony of every wedding I attend, because I am getting the bride and attendants ready.  But Jessica sat down and refused to get married unless I was ready and able to attend.  And boy am I glad she did, because, the view of the lake just beyond Derek and Jessica as they said their vows was breathtaking. 
As many of you may or may not know, Our own Bridal Coordinator, Jessica has been planning her own spectacular wedding, which took place on June 20th, 2009 at the Sagamore Resort in Lake George.  Kudos also go to Kris Ann of . Who did an amazing job of floral design and had vibrant purple orchids everywhere!  Tim and Dana Schaeffer of also did an amazing job of capturing the days events and we barely knew they were there.  This photo is of myself and hair stylist Anne, multitasking.  I am finishing Jessica’s mom while Anne does my hair for the wedding.  You see, I usually always miss the ceremony of every wedding I attend, because I am getting the bride and attendants ready.  But Jessica sat down and refused to get married unless I was ready and able to attend.  And boy am I glad she did, because, the view of the lake just beyond Derek and Jessica as they said their vows was breathtaking.   

 I ran into an old friend this wedding season, who photographed our first cover model.    

 Michael Gallitelli of  He is such a trip and his assistant Nancy is a doll.  Michael sent me a few spectacular photos recently the first two are of recent brides and the third is our former cover model Jaime Cyjka. (as soon as I locate Jaime’s photo in my pile of CD’s, I promise to post it). Each year since Jaime we pick one of our brides to appear in all of our advertising.  Could you be this years MMF cover model?
Hi Guys, I know it has been several weeks since I last blogged, so sorry.  We have carefully orchestrated 16 weddings in the past 3 weeks plus a 3 day location shoot.  So much to tell!!First Adrienne, photographed by Jenn and Brian of  Ok so on my way to Adrienne’s I almost set my car on fire and was still early.  We won’t talk about how.  I’ll just keep that one to myself!  After that we had a really fun morning.   I did Adrienne’s hair and makeup.  You can’t even tell that we have tons of extensions in her hair!!

Jenn Moak had to send me this photo…look at my face.  That veil is going nowhere
Next we had such a fun time with Erin, she is gorgeous, a recent law graduate, and a class act all around!! Her photographer Louis Torres of was super  as always and was with Erin the entire day.  In the middle of doing Erin’s long beachy waves, She realized she hadn’t picked up her dress, so she went and got it!! From our friends at Immortal Beloved/Something Bleu Bridal Boutique.  Didn’t the owner Denise show up to dress Erin herself, as soon as she was finished with her clients at her boutique.


Louis also took a few photos of ME!  Check out our new MMF T-shirts!!

 Next Sara Curcio, photographed by our friends at   Sara’s mom was my gym teacher and her dad lives about a mile down the street from us.  So I was so excited when she asked us to be a part of her wedding.  She decided over a year ago to have all her preparations done at the boutique in Ballston Spa.  Back then we forgot about the annual Memorial Day parade that goes right down the middle of Ballston.  So just days before the wedding we were all calling bridesmaids and artists alike to arrive early and find alternate places to park.  Well everything went off without a hitch and Sara jumped out of my chair to have a picture taken with a storm trooper from Star Wars who wandered into the shop. Hair and Makeup by Alayne.






 The 2010 Colondar
I was invited back this year to do makeup for the Colondar, a national calendar that selects 12 survivors of colon cancer under the age of 50 each to represent a month and also tell their story of survival. It is am amazing weekend.  Each year I come home feeling very fortunate and realize that my “stuff” isn’t really “stuff” at all.  More importantly I meet some of the most amazing people and work with an amazing bunch of professionals.   Molly and Hannah, founders of the  

Troy Burns, from, the sickest graphic designer and  photoshopper, with the largest i-tunes selection I have ever seen.  

Mark McCarty, an amazing commercial photographer.  

Simon Biswas,, Marks’s assistant and the funniest little bastard I ever met.  He makes me laugh!!  

Tammy and Todd Colliti, Todd a colon cancer survivor and model himself, he and his wife now cook for us all weekend long!!  


Erica, Cover model for the past 6 years and my roomate for the past two.  








Krista, Our house mother!  

Mr and Mrs. McMaster, hosts to all.  

This year I got caught behind a power outage and electrical wires down all over just 1.3 miles from our location.  No way in except by boat (somes models took this route) or personal escort from the National Grid Guy through the power lines. ( I took this route) where Hannah and Mrs. McMaster were waiting for me at 11:00 o’clock at night!! It’s always an adventure .  

This year Erin of MMF helped out so I could be there for Kelly Choppy and Laura Stange’s weddings.  Erin actually got to do the 2010 cover shot.  

May 2009


So I found out this weekend that my sweet little Laura from has been invited to strut her stuff in Paris since our photos together hit.  She is leaving this weekend!!! Wishing her tons of luck, although she doesn’t need it.  Hope she comes back, but I hope she gets signed even more!!

I also received some photos from my friend JP from
of a shoot I booked with him that he was able to fit into his busy schedule.  The photos are of my daughter Haley and beautiful God daughter Carlie.  The girls had never shot before, but JP was so fast and precise the shoot took no time and we shot several outfits and locations for each girl! Yes I did put a bit of makeup on the girls.  Even my cousin Pam who is very conservative in the makeup department thought they needed a bit more to bring out their naturally beautiful eyes!
Last week we had 3 weddings, this week we had 6!!!  We are into wedding season full swing. The next two weeks are even busier.  After 15 years in the wedding beauty business we have the experience and knowledge to make certain your wedding day is a beautiful success. With a little help from our makeup and hairbrushes, our creative talents and our computer software that lays out the timing and the schedule for every bride and every artist, we know exactly how much time everything will take!! 

First off, I received some photos from my friends the Pachters. Tara Williams. I love when Jim and Beth of arrive.  Beth gets so excited and does all these fun and interesting setups with the girls before the wedding.  This time we were at the Gideon Putnam in Saratoga Spa, State Park and Beth was doing the coolest stuff with the bride and all the mirrors in the room. Tara previewed with me about a year ago and I have been looking forward to doing her dramatic eyes and braided hair ever since.Also from two more of last years brides.  Both of them married at the Inn at Erlowest on Lake George. Dresses by Something Bleu Bridal.

 Hair and Makeup by Alayne
 Hair and Makeup by Erin
 I have lots more photos coming, so I will keep you posted as soon as they come in.
My assistant Jessica and I also attended the Makeup Show in New York City. So, I am currently testing out 3 new lines of mineral makeup for their, photographic quality, longevity, color, sensivity and pricepoint.  Jessica and I were having so much fun trying new stuff, attending workshops and taking advantage of all the professional deals, that she asked me to marry her 3 times!! Lastly, Sarah of Saratoga National
asked if I would do her hair and makeup for her new headshots.  Although Sarah and I had never yet met, our brides kept telling us wonderful things about each other.  So when Sarah walked in I wanted to curl all that beautiful dark flowing hair.  Well between clients we all took turns curling, cuz there is tons of it. Anyhow, Sarah’s photos, taken by the amazing team of Bruce and Wanda of Imagine in Clifton Park, NY came out just as I had hoped…Clean and natural , but also feminine and beautiful.
5/04/09Worked on some amazing weddings the past couple weeks.  Lots of pictures were sent my way, so get ready.  First off though… The Vice President of Education for Bare Escentuals forwarded a message to me. He had this to say about Jessica, Erica and Carlee: ” How impressed he was with them! They were soooo great! Wanting to learn, participated with everyone and we really enjoyed getting to know them! They are keepers Alayne!”  Feeling like a proud momma! 

So, I was surfing the internet one day and found a photographer whose work I really liked.  So I sent him an email telling him so. Well, turns out he was a photogrpaher from Albany.  So we set up a shoot and this is the result.  I found the model Laura on a shoot I did for Mooradians and fell in love with her look, her attitude and her energy.  SHHHHHH, she even skipped school to shoot with us, cuz she is only 17!! Laura can be found at and the photographer, Eric Truax can be found at  This is the same girl 3 different looks.   COOL!

Hair and Makeup by Alayne


Next I received some photos from one of last years brides, who really took time to make sure MMF had some of her wedding day photos.  Kacy is a teacher in Amsterdam and was voted Teacher of the Year after only 7 years of teaching.  Her husband Gabe is not only gorgeous, but his family owns a successful restaurant in Amsterdam… Crystals.  Best pizza in town I hear. Kacy and her entire family are a delight and I am so glad that Make Me Fabulous could be a part of her day. Photos are by  Oh ya, and Kacy is so naturally gorgeous she required very little makeup at all.


April 2009


Next I worked on 2 weddings with Joe and JP Elario at Sara Kenney at the Saratoga Hilton with Erica.  Sarah and I never met before the wedding, she just trusted the referrals she was given by the Elarios and Al Woodard.  She was so happy and so excited for her wedding day when I arrived.  Her hair stylist and I gave her what I call the JLo treatment and worked on both hair and makeup at the same time like a movie star would!! She did request false eyelashes and we both loved them!!  I used my favorites, Andrea 53s.  Makeup only by Alayne


Finally, Some of our best work together… the Elarios and I had Jessica Zabrowski’s wedding.  We so connected with Jessica and her entire family. I met the groom one time and he never took his eyes off Jessica.  He just kept saying how beautiful she was. Both Jessica’s mom Pam and sister Jennifer were as excited as Jessica through the whole planning process.  Pam may have been the inspiration for our new service.  She was telling me how at Jonathan Salon in LA, they pass little sandwiches at lunch time.  So MMF will now be passing Bella Bite truffles each and every day.  Sarah has designed a signature MMF truffle, my favorite flavor, chocolate fudge of course.    Just love these photos.  They are so perfect!!  See more at     Hair and Makeup by Alayne. 

Ok so, It has been really busy at the shop the past week.  I was out for nearly two weeks and have alot of catching up to do.  New brochures, redecorating, painting, Mother’s day specials.  Last week I also managed to squeeze in a Cover shoot for Oswego Alumni Magazine with Syracuse based photographer Robert Mescavage at the NYS Capital Building and another cover for “Our Towne” Ballston Spa Magazine pictured above.  Shot by HJ Simpson and Mark Bolles of Creative Image and GraphicsMost of our boutique staff also attended a full day class at The Desmond Hotel and Conference Center for Bare Escentuals and learned tons of new tricks and new products coming out. 

Also worked on a boudoir session with Luke Walker and Alisha Clark.  The model loved her photos so much that she also booked us for her wedding at the Turningstone Casino. 

And another boudoir session with Jim of     As well as a wedding and kids styling session with JP of

Here are some samples:

Photo by Luke Walker and Alisha Clark Photography

Photo by Jim of Pachter Photography

4/14/09After a crazy commercial week, and tax week.  I am taking a much needed week off with my kids!! I did take a little time to update the bridal galleries with some new photos and lotsa hair photos from previews I have done recently.  See you next week! Watching Twilight for the 5th time!!


Wow, what a great week. We had 3 teams of artists all over the capital district on Saturday doing hair and makeup for our brides.  Alayne and Stacey in Rensselaer for Jacklyne, Nicole in Scotia for Deanna and Erin and Angela in Schaticoke for Karen.  I am really excited about the team of artists we have put together this year.  They are truly talented, conscientious and on the ball. 

I have been invited back to work on the Colon Club Calendar in Lake George  with an amazing photographer, Mark McCarty.  Erin and Stacy will be in Manhattan and New Jersey this weekend working on an industrial project with some highly talented vascular vein doctors.  Myself, Nicole and Stacey will be donating our time to work on some projects around the capital district next week for the American Cancer Society. I will also be working on a two day project for the Albany Central School District and another project for Voice Over Coaches. 

Jessica has been going through every bridal file we have to be sure we have all your artists scheduled, (we do have 15 artists now you know,) and reserved and all the paperwork is complete and in order. So she may be giving you a call even if your wedding isn’t until next year!

This week, one of last year’s brides agreed to be a before and after model.  Julia, has the best energy.  We met her last year at the United Preservation Hall in Saratoga Springs, bridal show for Well Wed Magazine. We all connected immediately.  Should these pictures be in a magazine or what?!! 

All photos by the ever fabulous


February – March 2009

 3/24/09What a beautiful week!  The sun came out and the boutique has been rockin’!   We also realized that our email at the shop had been down all week. So, If we didn’t get back to you last week, please let us know.  My super brother Thomas spent his entire day on Sunday helping me fix it. Thanks Thomas!  This week we have 4 commercial shoots and 3 weddings: 

A cover shoot and inside photos of my friend Anne Marie who was chosen one of the 40 under forty and I am adding “fabulous” to that, for the Capital District Business Review this year. The Tedisco/Murphy Debates on WNYT, a pin up style web ad and commercial with Fox 23 and Erin helped out with Jim Tedisco on Saturday so I could be there for Mia Turo’s wedding. 

For Mia we worked in conjunction with my friends JC and Kevin from Hair Creations on Phila St., in Saratoga.  Several hair salons that don’t specialize in makeup let us come right there.  So, if you are crunched for time ask your salon if it is OK if we can come right there to help you get ready.

I received some amazing photos from my dear friends Jim and Beth Pachter  Their work, year after year, continues to be top notch.  Jim is still one of my favorite people to hug and Beth spent many long evenings helping me paint my boutique before it opened.  I think you are really going to like these photos of some of last year’s brides.


Monica by


Rebecca by
Hair and Makeup By Alayne and Angela


Kristy by
Hair and Makeup by Alayne

Isn’t this cool?!

My new makeup case arrived.  It is big and padded and very organized and fits all my stuff.  I am so excited to use it this week!  Our Bare Escentuals Rep also stopped in and gave us a bunch of Tropical Radiance Face Color to give away Free with any $60.00 purchase.  Thanks Maria!  

I worked this week on another Mooradians commercial and another Jim Tedisco commercial.  We will also be working with Tedisco again next Saturday and for the debates on 3/24 on WNYT. 

No mediocrity at MMF this week…Nicole one of our new makeup artists blew us all away with her work and she still didn’t even completely know the products yet!!  Anne, our new hair stylist is meticulous about her color formulations.  She is one of the most conscientious and caring stylists I have met in years. She really wants to please her customers.

Carlee had her baby girl Teagan on Tuesday,  6 lbs. 9 oz. She says her labor went from Friday to Tuesday and she is exhausted!!  Suzan broke her arm skiing.  Her left arm thankfully!  So we will be sending an assistant with her to help carry her stuff so you may get two makeup artists for the price of one over the next couple months! 

Our friends at Changes Salon in Latham, will be collaborating with us this summer, so we have all of our 13 artists as well as all of their artists teaming up together to accommodate all of our wedding requests! 

This week I received a photo from our friend Tracey Buyce Photography .  I love this photo  of Rachel because it shows our clean, fresh, style in makeup.  As well as Tracey’s. Tracey will also be sending some photos of our Pandora event for In Style Magazine that we both worked on this fall.


Photo by Tracey Buyce Photography















This week I helped photographers, Casey Connell, look fabulous for their head shots being taken by JP Elario.  I am so in love with both of them.  Pat and Jess are so sweet and real. We had so much fun!! 

I received some photos this week that I think help answer a question we receive quite often.  What is the difference between natural and dramatic? So here are some examples that I received from some fabulous photographers this week.


                  Natural Look, 
                Makeup by Alayne
                     Elegant Look,,
                Makeup by Alayne
 Both absolutely stunning, but definitely different.  When coming in for your preview you should have your hair done, jewelry on and a white or ivory top.  Try to have a dress fitting right after if possible.  Also, try both looks on for size just to see which suits you best especially with all the jewelry, hair, beading and veil.  Hope this helps!We had two weddings this weekend.  I worked with Annie Chen who was being photographed by Luke Walker, Alicia Clark, and Chris From Lillie Studio.  Check out  Annie is adorable and soooo sweet.  I receive lotsa requests if I know how to do different ethnicities, eyes and skin tones. Check it out:

Alayne & Angela from Make Me Fabulous – I’ve received so many compliments on how beautiful I looked. I don’t think I could’ve done what you done for me. You guys are true artists at your profession. I felt very glamorous and Thank You for giving me such a treat. Thank You!

 Photo by Luke Walker Photography
Photo by Luke Walker Photography 
 After Annie’s preparation I was invited to meet with Josh and Christine, at the Desmond Hotel and Conference Center.  They are planning a New Year’s Eve wedding and were up for the weekend interviewing potential vendors.  OMG, They are so adorable.  Christine is gorgeous and Josh was so cute as he took part in all aspects of the planning with Christine.  It was so refreshing to see them truly planning the wedding together.  Oh and they booked me! So I am not available New Years Eve, but check out our new artists below…I was also asked to do a 3 day commercial shoot in NJ at the end of March.  I am booked with weddings so  Erin will be covering for me. Speaking of which, I have been working with fabulous new artists this winter/spring.  So here is a little about them.  I have been searching for months to find the right people, wait till you check out their backgrounds, amazing!!

Stacey has worked in upstate and NYC for years.  We originally met on a print shoot for Metropolitan Life Magazine.  Stacey does both hair and makeup.  Her credits are amazing, including national print for: Target, Lands End, People Magazine, Self Magazine, LL Bean, Glamour Magazine, Bed Bath and Beyond, not to mention several celebrities.  

Nicole was most recently the makeup artist for CBS 6.  She comes originally from Long Island and is an amazing airbrush artist.  She has also worked for WMHT, Quad Graphics, Albany Talent, MAC and many more. On our first job together we were both amazed at how similiar our style of makeup is.  All the girls at the wedding commented to me on how nice she was and what a talented artist! She also specializes in black and ethnic skins as well as hair extensions!

Tony  I fell in love with Tony the moment we met.  He is so beautiful inside and out.  Originally from NYC working as an actor, he moved upstate about 5 years ago and has been working as a makeup artist ever since.  Tony really loves the art of transforming women.  He has his first published wedding coming out in a NYC publication soon and also just did makeup for the Morgane Le Fay show at New York Fashion week. 

Anne is an accomplished hair stylist in all areas.  She is a certified cosmetology instructor and worked with one of my all time favorite hair stylists, Jessica Bayer Carrigan. She is an accomplished colorist, manicurist, pedicurist.  She has taught hair cutting and updo styling for years.  Again an MMF must she… she is sooooo sweet and excited to begin her career at MMF.  She will be working with us both at the boutique and offsite!  


So check out the video of ME and the shop at  I remember meeting Luke about 5 years ago at a wedding and instantly knew he was Hot Stuff!  No Seriously, his knowledge and professionalism came across immediately.  He is super funny too!! It was filmed by Chris of and being a behind the camera kind of girl, Chris even made me look comfortable in front of the camera. 

This week we worked hair and makeup for several models For Absolut Mango and Dale Miller’s Penthouse restaurant in the Omni Plaza on South Pearl St. It was a HOT Party! We are doing it again for Absolut Mango in Poughkeepsie next week.  I was also asked to be the makeup artist for the upcoming debate of Jim Tedisco and Scott Murphy coming up on News Channel 13 on March 24th and also met a very young amazing couple who battled and kicked cancer for a taping for the American Cancer Society. Talk about making our problems seem so small!  Serious stuff!!


Ok…So I got so excited I had to show and tell some fabulous photos of our brides from last year that were photographed by Heather Bohm-Tallman. I was looking for photos of our Bride, Morgan Ward that was featured recently in Enchanted Weddings by Saratoga Today and Brides Magazine New York and came across all these…Enjoy:


Morgan by Heather Bohm-Tallman  
Ginny by Heather Bohm-Tallman  
Ginny by Heather Bohm-Tallman  

Ginny by Heather Bohm-Tallman

Ginny by Heather Bohm-Tallman  
 2/17/09Our work was featured in another bridal publication.  The wedding of Morgan Ward in Enchanted Weddings by Saratoga Today and Brides New York.  So far we have also been featured in Well Wed, Northeast Bridal Guide and Enchanted Weddings this past winter.  I was also asked by the fabulous photographer Luke Walker to be video interviewed and featured on his fabulous blog.  Next week I will also be working with photographer Eric Truax for the first time with Laura from Albany Talent, another event for Dale Miller’s new restaurant opening and a national shoot being filmed in Albany.  Feeling blessed again!! 


Another busy commercial week.  I worked on a a print shoot for Dale Miller’s new restaurant in downtown Albany.   What a fabulous location and the model bride and grrom was a real bride of mine over 2 years ago.  Andrea was Fabulous as always.  Then a Mooradians furniture commercial. With lotsa beautiful talent from James Pentaudi and Albany Talent.  He pulled twelve actors and actresses together for the shoot in just days!.  Finally a two day shoot all over the Saratoga region for Jim Tedisco’s Congressional election.  I fell in love with his sweet wife Mary and Mother, “B.”

For Valentines day Sarah of Bella Bites has a gorgeous selection of her homemade truffles available at MMF, as well as free samples. If you haven’t tried them, please stop in…they are awesome!!  Everything Sarah does is done meticulously!  MMF has a free 10 day sample of Bare Minerals foundation with any $30.00 purchase for the month of February while supplies last.  And new value priced sets from the Balm and Bare Minerals arrived yesterday!!

On Saturday, Valentines Day we have two weddings, several previews and Suzan and Jessica will be at the Holiday Inn in Saratoga at a Heart Health Symposium, from 9-12 swirling, tapping and buffing and giving away free samples of Bare Minerals Foundation. Suzan’s mother died of heart disease, so she was more than happy to help out! 

This week, we also donated Bare Minerals starter sets and free makeup lessons to help raise money for Gilda’s Club in Latham, NY and to Saint Mary’s School in Ballston Spa, NY.


This past week was filled with lotsa fabulousness.  It was so fun. Props to Sarah, of De La Luna airbrush tanning and her new venture Bella Bites, who through the week put together our entire Well Wed Wedding Affair Booth.  From putting together 150 organza gift bags, printing labels and brochures, carting cases to the Casino, and not to mention making hundreds of truffles.  Make Me Fabulous is soooooo lucky to have her as part of our team.  Suzan did all the makeup for the fashion show since I was out at Erlowest Inn in Lake George (more on that later.)  When I looked behind the curtain at all the models. Suzan’s work honestly took my breath away. All I had to do was sit back, have a glass of wine and mingle. It was a great end to a truly enjoyable day.  Jessica was also there to greet brides and help set up and take down.  Angela (who also won team player of the month at MMF for January) and Erica held down the fort at the shop. A true team effort by all!

Ok, so back to the Inn at Erlowest, I showed our new makeup artist Nicole the ropes for the first time and she was amazing!  Ok so… she most recently was the makeup artist for the local CBS news affiliate and the makeup artist for my friend, James Pentaudi’s modeling agency, I knew she was going to be fabulous. She is not only a great artist, but also so sweet and accommodating, another MMF must.  We all worked so well together that I was able to concentrate solely on my bride Jennifer’s hair and makeup. And even have a glass of champagne with her before photographer, Matt Ramos arrived, early of course.  By 6:30 Sunday morning Matt had photos in my mailbox of Jennifer and her beautiful event. Here is a sample and you can see more at  Matt is such a professional, I so enjoy working with him!

January 2009

I will be working on only two photoshoots this week one for a new restaurant and the other for a furniture store.  Here are a few samples of my photoshoot with JP Elario and Stacey. This where we used hi-def airbrush makeup.  Thanks to the makeup, Stacey’s natural great skin and of course JP’s lighting, I love how Stacey’s skin has a soft focus glow:
Stacy Model
Model Stacy, Make Me Fabulous, JP Elario

Just returned home from 5 overdue days off.   3 of which I spent at my annual scrapbooking weekend at Fort William Henry in Lake George.  I had three photoshoot requests when I got home.  So…., This week, I will be working on another Health Association of NY commercial, a photoshoot for the opening of Dale Miller’s (former executive chef of Jack’s Oyster House and the Erlowest Inn) new restaurant, and a local segment which will be appearing on the Rachel Ray Show. Not to mention a wedding at the Erlowest Inn and the Well Wed Fashion Show and Wedding Affair.


The new issue of Well Wed is out!!! It is so beautiful and here are a few of the editorial images that appeared in this new issue.  Hair and Makeup are by Me!!  Photos are by the ever fabulous JP Elario, We shot this past August on a dark day at the flat track.  I remember being in awe of how lucky we were to see and be in some areas of the track that I would not been able to see, had I not been a part of this shoot.  On the roof overlooking the entire track.  In the jockey’s changing room, Thanks for having me Well Wed!

Also this past weekend, we were a part of the Glen Sanders Mansion, bridal show.  This is an invite only show of the top professionals in the wedding business and MMF was the only beauty vendor there this year.   We booked 7 weddings, but even more brides and moms wanted Sara’s Cookie Dough Truffle recipe. Glen Sanders as always did an amazing job.  Our booth was so hoppin’.  At the same time, Well Wed asked us to be a part of their show on January 31st at the Canfield Casino (My husband and I were married there almost 15 years ago!) and also do the makeup for the fashion show.  The show goes from 3:00-7:00 and the fashion show starts at 5:00.
JP Elario and Stacey also invited me to be a part of their fashion photo shoot today.  A recent bride and aspiring model, Stacey is the total package.  Beautiful, Sweet, Tall, Thin,  Happily Married, and Hard Working in the finance field in NYC.  Here is an outtake, look for more photos soon and it was a delight.  Stacey was amazing for her first fashion shoot!  I used Hi-Def airbrush makeup on Stacey and JP says he could tell right away that it looked smoother than regular makeup.1/13/09

As I was reading the newspaper at Sunday Breakfast recently a recurring message kept popping up… a renewed commitment to work ethic and working  together to fix our country.  MMF is doing the same this year. So on January 5th we began working with a business coach to Improve our systems, Increase our productivity and Recommit to our customers.  In addition in March I will be attending an intense”incubator” of salon owners and trained coaches who will study our businesses and set goals to help us achieve the above.

We also hired a full time front desk/bridal coordinator, Jessica Armer, She is a long time customer, former GNC manager, makeup junkie and upcoming bride herself.  We are all so happy and excited to have her.  She loves her new job so far!!

Today I worked with Yvonne Perry who has had a double masectomy.   She is as vibrant and beautiful as ever and it is always a delight, not to mention a true comedian.  We worked on a full day commercial shoot for The Health Association of New York which will air all over the state to build awareness to keep hospitals open.  The actor who played Yvonne’s husband, Tim, on set is just too cute!!!


OMG, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year… So much going on, so much to tell!!

First my FABULOUS team gave me, yes, a PINK GPS for Christmas!   My youngest daughter’s cat had kittens on Christmas night. She loved that present most of all!  My 13 year old daughter actually talked to me (not texted me) for a full 20 minutes over the holidays.  That was my favorite Christmas present.My article in Northeast Brides is out.  (I will put up soon)  A full page of my work appeared in the latest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. Louis Torres of Forever Platinum Weddings sent me tons of before, during and after photos of our bride Noriko. Below are Before, During and After photos.  Makeup and Hair by Alayne.

I have two commercial shoots next week.  I’ll let you know who they are for soon and we were asked to participate in a benefit fashion show in February for the Ballston Spa Central School District and the International Rotary.  Funds will be matched by Bill Gates to help wipe out Polio worldwide.  We are prepping for The Glen Sanders Bridal Show, Sunday, January 18th, 11-3:00, and my annual scrapbooking weekend at Fort William Henry is coming up at the end of January!   WHEW!!!
Paul, Brian’s adorable assistant of Brian McGarry Photography told me that my makeup was so perfect for our bride over Christmas that he had to do NO photoshopping. That is a huge compliment and goal for a makeup artist! Thanks Paul!  They also photographed another of our brides this past weekend, Alicia Bruno. Ok, so her mom and dad have the cleanest house I have ever seen.  I came home and cleaned for 2 days straight!  The whole family was so accommodating and sweet, just like Alicia!

Alicia Bruno by Brian McGarry PhotographyI also saw my friend Michael Gallitelli of Metroland Photo at Jessica’s wedding over new years. She brought all that snow all the way from her home in Hawaii, next she is on her way to Costa Rica for the honeymoon then she has to return to Hawaii with her new husband!  Poor Girl!

Our “forever a bride,” discount cards arrived.  So if you had a wedding with us in the past year, look for your gift in the mail.  It is good Forever!  We just have to find a free moment to address them all!

December 2008


Well 18 people, some of whom I had come to know well, got laid off at WNYT this past week.  My thoughts and prayers go out to you this holiday season.  Our shop has been extremely busy the past couple weeks, so once again, I feel blessed.

I worked on two commercials this past week, in addition to a crammed schedule at the shop.  One included three hardworking family men.  All small business owners in the Capital District.  Northeast Pest Control, Mooradians Furniture, and Rensselaer Honda it was a pleasure to work with them all.  I also worked on the Greater Capital Area’s YMCA commercial.  The whole family can use all the facilities for only $77 per month.  Less than it costs to take the family to a movie for one night!

I also did a wedding for a mentor of mine, Donna Green of Changes in Latham.  She was responsible for pushing me to get my cosmetology and esthetics licenses and has always been a wonderful resource for me to go to. Her dear friend Annette’s son was getting married and she asked me to do the makeup for her.  The girls in the shop worked on a wedding for a self proclaimed “runaway bride.”  Looks like the third engagement was a charm!!

Also, Glen Sanders is planning something special for all brides looking to book weddings off season.  So watch for that to come soon and save lotsa $ too!


My bride this weekend was the epitome of glam.  Smoky green eyes, a feather headpiece, birdcage veil and a dress that fit like a glove. Denise from Something Bleu Bridal Boutique and I were there putting every last detail together at the Canfield Casino just minutes before she walked down the aisle to meet her handsome groom Aaron.  Even the ever calm and cool Emma Dodge Hanson couldn’t contain her excitement.

I also received several invitations this week that made me so grateful and thankful.  First, To attend a meeting of the minds, of sort, for only Glen Sanders Mansion Catering approved wedding vendors.  To meet and come up with ideas on how to make the upcoming wedding season the best ever for our brides!  Next, to provide makeovers and Bare Minerals for the employees of the Desmond Hotel as their holiday appreciation gift.  Thirdly, to be a featured makeup artist for Christine Wheat’s upcoming Prom Extravaganza.

And I was thinking that it was a slow week!!

Still Reading!

Suzan and the production team completed their entire commercial shoot for a Financial Planning group in under 2 hours! Fast and efficient, that’s how we roll!

Two fabulous weddings this weekend. Rebecca Parker, photographed by Pachter Photography, we did the hair and  makeup at the Medbury Inn and Spa in Ballston Spa.  Jarod, the groom, and his family own the Inn which is so quaint and beautiful.  We didn’t want to leave. I remember Rebecca’s radiant skin looking so flawless!!

Bridget Blair, at the Glen Sanders Mansion, photographed by Joe and JP Elario. Decided to change her hair style for the wedding after getting it done, but wasn’t sure to what.  So a “committee” made up of hair and makeup artists as well as bridemaids and moms all collaborated to come up with her final look.  We were all high fiving on our team effort once we got Bridget happy and calm.  She was so sweet through the whole process and finished in plenty of time! Whew!


Still Reading!

Fabulous party I attended last night hosted by Christine Wheat, always a professional and gracious hostess and Luke Walker and Alicia Clark, the total package of silly, fun and serious.  Attended by a special group of talented wedding professionals.  Can I tell you how much I adore that little Kris Ann, from Fleurtacious. And, of course my friend JP Elario, who is lucky to have her!!!  Amy Elizabeth Smith and I talked concealer till the very end of the party.  Laughed with Nikki Rossi, Matt Ramos, and his super sweet wife, all photographers, for hours. And, of course, hugged my dear friends Jim and Beth Pachter and the oh so gentlemanly Al Woodard. I had the most fun I have had in ages with everyone. Thank you.

We received a beautiful, unsolicited thank you card in the mail this week. I just have to share it…It’s now been several months since my September Saratoga Wedding , but the compliments and positive feedback regarding the vendor team we chose to work with keep rolling in.  I just had to write and let you know how much we enjoyed Sue and what a great job she did on me, my mom and my girls…Its not easy to join a pretty large group of strangers and other professionals for many hours in a rather stressful environment (let’s face it, getting married is stressful!) I hadn’t had a trial and had at least two girls that do not wear makeup on a regular basis.  Not only did Sue make us all fabulous (!!) She was fun and very laid back.  I enjoyed chatting with her about different products and techniques while she prettied me up.  It really calmed my nerves!  I think you already know how great she is since she’s been with you for quite awhile, but I hope you share with her our appreciation and thanks.  My Best, Stacey Sicard (formerly Travis)


Still Reading!!

Angela and I started our day on Saturday at 5:00 am to travel to Catherine Richter’s wedding 2 1/2 hours south at the Full Moon Resort in the Catskill Mountains.  We were referred to Catherine by Shannon at Wedding Planning Unlimited.. Catherine’s dress was from Something Bleu Bridal Boutique.  She went for a very Retro-Vintage style in her dress, hair and makeup. Everyone was so friendly and fun!

Suzan will be working on another local commercial on Tuesday while the rest of us hold down the shop.  Lots of Christmas shopping going on there. New products from The Balm are in! This Friday is our big First Friday Event!

November 2008


I felt like a proud parent after this weekend. At 5:50 am, my team of 5 hair and makeup artists arrived at (Meg Fisher’s) hotel in Saratoga.  Everyone looked so amazing.  It has been along time since I was with that many of my girls at one time and I was so proud of the beautiful work, timeliness and professionalism.  Meg looked stunning for Jim and Beth Pachter.

Then I raced off to Schenectady where Olenka was finishing up the hair for (Cara Choy’s) wedding. Of course, Brian McGarry and his assistant Paul were right on time.  Then Suzan, myself and Olenka went back to the shop to meet Erica for 3 future brides getting hair and makeup trials.  We booked all 3 and Erica booked 2 more that called/stopped in.

Sunday, Sue and I did hair, makeup and wardrobing for a national AJ Wright print campaign.  The Limo driver John from Today’s Limosine was so sweet.  He helped us zipper boots and even picked up our lunch at Dominos in his limo!

Check out Photographer Dino Petrocelli’s gallery of motor cycles and photos at Proctor’s Theater in Schenectady opening this Friday 11/21 at 6:00 p.m.  I also uploaded some new photos he gave me of recent brides and a photoshoot we did for The Desmond Hotel this fall on our production page and bridal gallery.

I also received an invitation this past week to write for Glen Sanders Catering and Saratoga National’s wedding blog at  So watch for that in the coming month’s.


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// We received two “fabulous” invitations yesterday!  One to be on the Preferred Referral List of Lisa Light and Destination Bride, Thanks Lisa we think you and Katie are fabulous too!!

Also, to a Party hosted by Christine Wheat, wedding planner extradonaire, Luke Walker and Alicia Clark, wedding photographers who have relocated from NYC to the upstate area. We’ll be there!!


Tomorrow, I will be at another hair cutting and updo class!!  I got several new ideas from the ones I attended last week.

Got a call from Brian and Patty McGarry of Brain McGarry Photography. I have known them both for years and can only say they are two of the nicest people I have ever met.  I  have been doing their daughters for years for their proms and another one is coming up.  I hope we can fit it in.

Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous Brides this weekend.  Monica Gerbino looked like a cover model for Town and Country Brides.  She was photographed by Pachter Photogaraphy.  So I will hopefully have the photos soon.  Taryn Morrissey was a super chic and modern bride with smoky eyes and nude lips. She never even previewed with me.   I am going to stalk photographer, Heather Bohm-Tallman, for photos.

This upcoming week, we will be getting ready (well our cute husbands David and Andy will be anyway) for our new addition Sarak Sick from De La Luna Spray Tanning. Who joins us December 1st.

On First Friday December 5th, 6-9. Sarah will be doing free face tans, give aways, and we will have hot chocolate and cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factroy.  Not to mention how to apply bronzer with our makeup artists and how to do a perfect blow dry with our hair artists.  It is going to be fabulous!!11/04/08

What a bummer, well sorta…I totally lost all my previous blogs while updating the website today…so new president, new blog.Got two cool calls today though.  One to work on an upcoming Got Milk Ad, this is a maybe, with my friend JP Elario Check out his recent blog of a fabulous photo shoot we recenmtly did with Cameo Couture.  Here are a few samples:

You both do such beautiful work, and this shoot was no exception. We can’t wait to show these pics off in our new press kit. Best, Kristina and Pam, Cameo Couture.

Also another request, to do Hair, Makeup and Wardrobing on an AJ Wright campaign with a super nice photographer  from Chicago.  Suzan and I will be working together on this one.

June 27th, 2009 is totally booked and closed for any new bridal requests, Sorry.

I also submitted my beauty article for the upcoming issue of Northeast Bridal Guide.

Here is a sample of the ad that will be appearing in Capital Region Living, the Northeast Bridal Guide and The Glen Sanders Mansion Referral Book.  Our Talented friend Matt Ramos took the photo of our actual Bride Shannon Rahman.

Every year we choose one of our brides to be our model for all our ads for the upcoming year.  We think this years is super exceptional!

Thanks Matt, for converting the format for me to be able to post our fabulous work together!

Ad designed by

We are also bringing in a new makeup line that is paraben free, mineral based, fun and so reasonably priced.  TheBalm cosmetics.  Should be in by December 2008!

Angela and I will be doing nails for InStyle Magazine and Pandora on November 13th from   6-8:00 p.m. at the Pandora Store,  Crossgates Mall, Albany, NY.