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The Elegant Owl

Recently one of MMF’s weddings was featured on a new gorgeous wedding blog called  The Elegant Owl  “Daily Wedding Inspiration for the Elegant Bride.

 The wedding of Ashley and Rich photographed by Matt Ramos. The great thing about this couple is that their parents are long time family friends and even had videos of the two of them playing in the bathtub when they were babies.  Well the two of them reunited and unexpectedly fell in love at an inpromptu get together of the two families in Boston.  The rest is history!

 What a beautiful couple.  Not to mention, two of Ashley’s bridesmaids are going to be MMF brides in 2010.

Photo by Matt Ramos Photography

Photo by Matt Ramos Photography

Samantha, creator of  the Elegant OwlWas a former MMF bride herself in October 2009.  She was so impressed with our services that we have earned 

“Owl Approved Vendor Recognition”  

Here are a few photos of Samantha’s vintage inspired wedding. 



Samantha Hamilton "The Elegant Owl"



Samantha Hamilton "The Elegant Owl"

And a bit about Samantha herself:

Why, I’m the owner of SHWeddings! The Elegant Owl was born out of my love of owls and all things imaginative, colorful and classic(with a twist). When I’m not absorbing new and creative ideas, I’m dedicated to my wonderful clients at SHWeddings and snuggling on the couch with my incredibly supportive husband and cute-as-can-be dog, Lola.

Spirit of Saratoga

Ok yeah, I am slowly updating pictures from our old blog posts, but this was too exciting to miss. Just after Christmas I received a phone call telling me I had been chosen to be featured in The Saratogian’s Bridal Issue of their monthly magazine “Spirit of Saratoga.”  The catch, I was in black sweat pants, comfy, but holey and covered in paint and the shop was in total disarray since we were repainting. Not to mention that I was leaving for the Dominican Republic in two days ( A gift from my very fabulous client Nancy.)

Well the interview was conducted over the phone and I asked the editor to contact my good friend and fabulous photographer JP at for photos of me for the article, cuz there was no way I was up for a photo shoot anytime soon.

Well it gets better… While looking at JP’s ever famous blog… the editors fell in love with a couple strolling down Broadway … Our January 2nd Bride Val Hamel and her husband Eric.  Ahhh, here is the best part…Val and Eric were chosen to be the cover of the magazine!!!

Here is the article and the photo of the amazing cover couple

Spirit of Saratoga February 2010

What’s the deal with Matte

As you know Bare Minerals has launched a new product called bare minerals matte. Now before I get into the benefits and differences between the matte and the original, I would like to give some attention to the packaging. Genius!!!  How many times have you dropped your jar and the entire contents spills all over the floor; or you throw it in your purse and when you open it up all the powder is in the lid!  Well now we have “click, lock, go”. Why did we not think of this sooner? Now when you throw the container in your purse or drop it,  the powder stays in the bottom, no more mess!  

Now for the two main differences between the new matte formula and the original. The matte formula contains no mica. Mica can be very reflective. This is why we did not use the original formula for weddings. Second, the matte formula contains active soil complex. Active soil complex does amazing things for your skin. From evening out skin tone to helping decrease the dimension of your pores. I also find that you get more coverage with the matte formula. However if you have dry skin you may want to stick with the original formula.

We have been testing  Matte with some of our photographers over the past 6 months and we are happy to say that it photographs beautifully!

Congratulations Bare Minerals on another amazing product!  (Review by Jessica, bridal coordinator and product junkie)


So we finished off last year with 208 weddings.  Our biggest year ever.  It was sooooo fun.  Our team and our brides were all so amazing.  Our Bridal Coordinator, Jessica, really kicked into hi-gear in the later half of the year.     We could NEVER have done it without her perseverance and dedication.  I still have to force her to take a day off, because she is so afraid a bride will call and have questions  and she doesn’t want to miss a thing!!  So I am trying to force her to take some time to finally go on her own honeymoon before next wedding season is upon us, wish me luck!    

In addition for 2010,  we have made Suzan Truax  not only our Senior Makeup Artist, but she is also taking on more management responsibilities.  With so many commercial projects, weddings, wholesale companies, employees, operational tasks, fabulous customers, and a secret project in the works.  I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Suzan has been with me for over 15 years and understands how we a MMF operate.  So it was a very easy transition for Suzan.

I’m gonna keep you updated on some year-end weddings, commercial projects and product updates in the coming weeks so stay tuned!!

 I hope you enjoy the new website and blog.  Let me know if you find anything we need to correct or tweek!