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Well on the heels of last weeks awesome post.  Being rated one of the HOT 100.  We were asked by two additional publications  to be featured and interviewed.

First, Our Towne Ballston Spa’s Publisher Angela MacFarland asked us to be the featured business for the March issue.  Let me mention that Angela is one of the most motivated and insanely hard-working individuals I have ever met.  Her energy puts me to shame!! Thanks to Angela and Our Towne

Next Jessica Painter, a writer for the Albany Wedding Planning Examiner, asked us some truly in depth and heartfelt questions about our business and the result was fabulous!

Now for “the wedding of the decade”  in the Capital District.  Two wedding sweethearts JP Elario of Joe Elario Photography and Kris Ann Blanchette of Fleurtacious Designs. Ok so,  I was really excited for this wedding.  My husband asked why, so I thought about it for a minute and realized that I really knew both the bride and the groom and just think the world of them both.

Well, JP kept telling me to do Kris Ann’s hair down and Kris Ann had this elegant side bun with feathers and a birdcage veil in mind.  Worlds apart.  I knew we couldn’t compromise, so I would have to find a way to do BOTH!  I don’t usually have so much of the groom’s input when styling my brides!

So I convinced Kris Ann to do the down style for the First Meet and we decided that just before going down the aisle we would change it to her vision.  I would have about half an hour after the first meet, before the ceremony to do this…PRESSURE SET IN.

Photo by Jessica Claire
Photo by David Michael Schmidt

Let me say,  Spending the day with the Elario and Blanchette families was amazing.  They were all so appreciative and grateful for the efforts of myself and senior makeup artist Suzan Truax. They treated us soooo well!

So here are the results.  Special accolades go out to Al Woodard for his video that made the whole entire capital region cry.

I have clients come in who don’t even know the bride and groom , that say they watched it and cried.  Also to David Michael Schmidt  of Renaissance who is not only an amazing floral designer, but takes some seriously beautiful photos!!

Mr. and Mrs. Elario and Alayne

I did so much planning to make sure it all went off without a hitch, that it actually helped me to be fabulous too. I had to have myself, out fit, jewelry, shoes, etc. all planned out and with me at 8:30 am when we started the whole process.  A big Thank You to Something Bleu Bridal.  Denise,  Allison and Terri blew me away! I have never gotten so many compliments on a dress in my life.  They spent so much time helping me pick out a dress and making sure it fit perfectly.  Not to mention the jewelry, and fur stole Denise let me borrow from her own personal arsenal.

Next week, I have been asked to do some commercial styling for video shoots for The American Cancer Society. I’ll report that soon!