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Ghosts, Kyle and Clarissa

Well most of you know that I can do Beauty and Commercial stuff .   But recently I was asked to finish up some final scenes for a series that is in discussion to be picked up by BRAVO and The Travel Channel called “On the Lake.”  The series pilot was filmed all around Lake George and in these final scenes the producers needed more Ghosts.  Yes Lake George has lots of them. Did I mention that our host Kristina Krawchuk is well.. Fabulous.  She is so full of energy and super fun.  Not to mention a real professional.

Here is the beautiful trailer and some photos:

   The women who played this revolutionary ghost, Mrs. Oberting, is  stunningly beautiful.  You would never know from these photos.

Also, have been working really closely with Kyle on how to change her edgy MAC style into the softer sophisticated MMF style.  We both learned that they are definitely two different animals.  So Kyle has been testing alot.  Here with photographer Eric Truax, and model Bree,  I think she displays that she can definitely transition from one to the other seemlessly. 

And Finally, A very special bride marries into a very special family.  Many of you may remember a very special Mona Ghazi Dudek from Last November, She is Joe Elario Phoptography’s biggest Blog Fan and we had the pleasure of getting to know her family.   Well when brother Neema announced he was getting married they called on the Elarios and MMF to work our magic again!


Mona From November 2009

Well, might I add that new sister-in-law Clarissa is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside and we were delighted to get to reunite with them all again in celebrating the addition of Clarissa to the family.

Senior Makeup Artist Suzan and New MMF Stylist Angela were there at the Hotel to get the bride, her mom and Neema’s mom ready while Mona and Gita got ready at the shop.

To see more check out:

Next week is another busy commercial week.  We are shooting another Mooradians Commercial, Some fashion still’s for retailer Fancy Schmancy and a Fashion Show in conjunction with Frank Adams Jewelers, David Yurman Jewelry and the Saratoga Golf and Polo Club.

Cool Videos and Gorgeous June Brides

This summer has been HOT.  Not only the weather, but we have had some of the hottest most beautiful brides this past June. First off though lets start with a couple cool videos that were sent to me recently.

The first is of our Suzie working it at the Colon Club photoshoot in early June.  A project we do every year and you have certainly seen me talk about it in the past.  It is not only a project we are proud to be a part of, but one of the most fun and memorable weekends.  It changes your life!

And a little video by my friend

Kevin Craig West.

I worked on a photshoot for some headshots for a fellow actor, friend and writer of Kevin’s named Susie Griswold with photographer Kermit HayesOMG she is just the sweetest thing… and boy did we make her look fabulous!

So I can’t even begin to express my amazement at how many stunningly gorgeous brides we had in June.  Could it be they are all:

1) Just that gorgeous!

2) We are really fabulous!

3) We get to work with the best photographers in the biz!

 4) All of the Above

I say number 4!  So here we go!

First a whole slew of beauties with photographers

 Clark + Walker Studio

Ok Yeah, nuff said Arianne is just that stunning! As well as beyond chic!

And below Laura, There are brides from NY to Boston emailing to get photos of every angle of Laura’s low side twisty bun to recreate for their wedding!