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Engagement Sessions and Facebook Fabulous

Well guys, ya just had to know it was gonna happen.  We have been seeing a trend towards having future brides hire MMF artists to also be a part of making them fabulous for their engagement photos.  It can be a great way to preview your wedding day hair and makeup as well.  So you get to use your preview session for fabulous photos too!  After your hair and makeup preview session we usually take down your hair anyway so the groom doesn’t see the final look.  Well, what you get is amazing  mounds of soft loose , sexy curls…perfect for an engagement session or evening out!!  Heck, why not both.  So here is a sampling of some super engagement sessions where MMF artists styled the soon to be brides.

Kristin by / Hair by Angela / MU by Suzan

Elaine by Joe Elario Photography/Makeup by Kyle



Photo by Joe Elario Photography / Hair and MU by Alayne


Still one of  the Salon City publishers Hot 100 list,  in this September’s  issue of  Beauty Entertainment, MMF receptionist  and bridal coordinator, Jessica and Alayne are both featured.  They recently interviewed Jessica again for an upcoming issue!  The Hot 100 listing can be viewed at.

actual issues can be picked up at Make Me Fabulous in Ballston Spa

Well photographer Kermit Hayes has been doing quite a few of his Facebook-Fabulous sessions.  Fabulously, you get a real fashion photoshoot with wardrobe, hair, makeup and  a professional photographer for the most fabulous facebook photos ever! Guess who he chose to be the hair and makeup artists for the sessions.  Yup, MMF.  Check out some of the sample print ads!

Marnie by Kermit Hayes / Hair and MU by Alayne


Estella by Kermit Hayes/ MU Kyle / Hair Alayne

Debra by Keermit Hayes/ Hair & MU by Alayne

And one of the most beautiful weddings this season.  Danielle’s family rented a  gorgeous home in Lake George for her Traver’s Day wedding.  It was just perfect for her wedding day preparation and photos. Danielle is the last of 4 daughters to get married, so her dad greeted us at the door saying ” The wedding’s canceled.”  Actually it was all in good fun, but that was what he said when he greeted everyone for his baby’s big day.  Danielle’s family is from Puerto Rico and Matt’s nationalities are Jewish and Italian.  So apparently they call Matt’s mix on Long Island, no not “Jersey Shore, ”  but… a “pizza bagel,” so cute!  Either way Danielle kept saying how handsome he was all day.  I couldn’t wait to see the pictures myself!  They are a stunning couple!!!

by Joe Elario Photography


Styling by Alayne / Photo by Joe Elario Photography


by Joe Elario Photography


By Joe Elario Photography/ Hair & MU by Alayne

Check out more photos of them at their fabulous photographer’s blog: