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Hope, Purity and Grace!

Make Me Fabulous would like to announce the addition of the Philosophy line of products to our new and improved space at 32 Front Street Ballston Spa, NY. You have most likely seen the cutesy Philosophy products with the inspirational quotes and fun pictures at your local retail store or maybe you are already addicted to one of their popular products like Vanilla Birthday Cake 3 in 1, Purity or Hope in a Jar. Either way, Philosophy is much more than their cute packaging and fun scents. Philosophy products are formulated with only scientifically-proven, medically-accepted ingredients and technologies, overseen by a contingent of doctors and scientists. They have developed some of the finest, most well-respected, innovative skin care, fragrance, and body care available today. Bottom line, Philosophy is devoted to you and all your skincare needs. This line of products was created in 1996 by Christina Carlino who had a passion for the wellness and beauty industries. Her dream was to merge high quality proven results products with affordability so every man and woman could benefit from great skincare.

Philosophy fragrances “smell good, feel good”, are clean, wearable fragrances that inspire a greater sense of well-being, while leaving you smelling beautiful. The fragrances draw others closer and never overwhelm. Finally, people will say “you smell so good” instead of “what fragrance are you wearing?” The cannot live without product: Amazing Grace.

Finally, Philosophy bath and body “enjoy life”, their indulgence delight your senses and infuse a sense of joy into your day, while smelling positively delicious. Their famous shampoo, shower gel & bubble baths offer a multitasking, head-to-toe cleansing experience. The can’t live without product: Raspberry Sorbet 3 in 1.

We at Make Me Fabulous would love to share with you how Philosophy can make a difference in your life and give you the inside scoop on the products you simply cannot live without!

So for the month of July, schedule a facial with our uber- fabulous facialists,  Lauren and Erin, who will customize a facial and regime for you and also receive a FREE scented 3 in 1 Philosophy body product. Yup totally free! Stop in today or call for a customized facial experience you won’t soon forget!

Got more questions? Stop in and speak to Jessica, she’s knows all things Philosophy!

And They Thought I Was Crazy!!??

So over the winter and spring months myself and the MMF team were asked to work on some oh so fabulous projects for some pretty fantastic peeps!

Who knew… 7 years ago… people thought I was crazy opening a Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup Boutique in OMG, Ballston Spa??? (not Albany or NYC!!!) I heard, “oh that place will never make it” and “why did you open in Ballston Spa?” Fast forward… 7 years later…we triple our size and we are asked to provide ALL of the artistry and chapter demos for Milady’s Standard Makeup textbook, the first in years. Pretty cool!

Watch, myself, Kyle, Suzan, Angela and Amy of MMF in action below, along with an international dream team of authors and artists who provided copy for the book:

The Make Me Fab Team was commisssioned for several days to provide all the makeup and hair demonstrations for the book, while I was also asked to return as assistant producer for the video DVD shoot.  Not only did we perform the services for the step by step photos and instuctions, but our team was there to create the dramatic after shots!.  We also  dissected every instruction given in the book for accuracy as real working makeup artists.

It’s so gratifying to be chosen as world class worthy of helping to produce an international textbook, while also able to provide the Saratoga Springs/ Capital District region hair and makeup services at affordable prices. Upstate NY is truly a fabulous place to work and live!

Thanks, as well, for the opportunity to work with other fantastic professionals including Aleish Pierce, Michelle D’aillard, another fab Ballston Spa native, and Gina Boyce.  And… another special fabulous thumbs up to Daysha (the coolest chic around) and Tom of  Visual Recollection in Saratoga Springs, NY, where we shot the entire book! Not to mention a few very gorgeous models, including Sarah Von Ouhl who saved the day and a very sassy burn survivor we endearingly refer to as T-Rex! A very special thank you go out to the most amazing editor, Jessica, who also selected us for the project. You have no idea how much I adore you and your quiet sensibility and calmness!

Watch for more behind the scenes as we return when Milady decides to shoot the companion DVD! Coming out soon!!

I have to say alot of passion, hard work and persistance have paid off!