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Summer Products and Services We LOVE!

Hey, friends! How are you? I can’t believe it’s really starting to warm up and feel like summer out there! I wanted to share some of the services and products that I LOVE that make me feel ready (and fabulous) for summer!

First and foremost, I start out with one of our signature facials at the salon. I like to have a facial fairly regularly, but if you haven’t had one in awhile, now is a great time to slough off dead skin cells and start the warm, balmy weather with a fresh face. Have you tried our fresh strawberry brightening facial? Strawberries are loaded with salicylic acid and vitamin C so they’re naturally perfect for brightening and exfoliating the skin! It’s refreshing and rejuvenating just in time for summer. This is a seasonal facial so be sure to make your appointment soon!



So this is a BRAND NEW product from Bumble and Bumble, but I’ve been using it and LOVING it! The Surf foam shampoo is so fabulous for summer. It’s light weight, has a clean scent, and wipes out impurities to make way for soft texture that is made for the beach (and summer)! There’s a Surf conditioner and spray, too (which are also fabulous).


Next up, lemon+ sage body scrub from Bliss! This product smells so fresh and so clean (just like Outkast sang back in the day)! It’s a great all-over body scrub that can be used once or twice a week. I like to use it Wednesday and Sunday. Definitely use it BEFORE you shave your legs!


What are your favorites for summer? Let me know in the comments! Happy Memorial Day and remember to thank all who have served and died for our great country!

A Big Thank You to the Moms Out There


It’s not uncommon to hear me say that “my brides are my children.” It’s true–even though I have three children of my own, from the time I meet a new client, whether that’s at a preview meeting or on the day of the wedding, I feel a motherly responsibility for the duration of time that they’re in our hands. I appreciate and understand that they’ve chosen Make Me Fabulous to be a big part of one of the most important days of their lives. They’ve placed an enormous amount of trust and faith in our abilities and I’m so thankful.

Getting married is such an emotional event on so many levels, culminating on the actual wedding day. While the focus of that day is the bride and groom, the larger event is about family. We often get to work with the mother of the bride and groom, grandmothers, sisters, nieces, and sometimes daughters–generations coming together for such an important event. And we’re so honored by that.



Most of what we do at Make Me Fabulous is behind-the-scenes on a wedding day. Either the bride and her attendants come to the salon to get fabulous, or we go to the hotel where they are, or maybe we’re invited into a bride’s family home and set-up shop in the kitchen. Though we’re seldom visible to the guests, the role we play is a public one because we want every bride to feel their most beautiful and fabulous on their wedding day. We hope they do.


I do my best to remember this everyday, but I’m so very thankful for my family and, by extension, all the Make Me Fabulous brides out there. So, on this Mother’s Day, Make Me Fabulous is saying thank you to ALL the moms–for without them, there wouldn’t be any brides (or grooms)! Happy Mother’s Day!