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Make Me Fabulous + Pinterest = Awesome!

Happy Friday, friends (and Friday the 13th)! I have a fun post for you today and I’m so excited to share it!

So a few months ago I started a Pinterest account to highlight the amazing work done here at Make Me Fabulous. In case you don’t know, Pinterest is an online bulletin board where users can collect (or “Pin”) images from all over the web. The Make Me Fabulous Pinterest page is really taking off!

I take the fabulous images of our beautiful brides and post them on Pinterest and so they can serve as inspiration (or “Pinspiration”) for all the other brides on Pinterest planning their weddings! I also like to Pin other things that just interest me like cooking, decorating and beauty tips, and I also have a whole page highlighting some behind the scenes photos–mostly the MMF team out on location with our brides. Pinterest is a lot of fun and just a little bit addicting!

I’ve noticed many of our Make Me Fabulous brides and their fabulous bridal hair and makeup are being re-pinned a lot! So today we’re going to take a look at those hairstyles and get the back story of how these amazing hairstyles came to be!

The Kristin is one of the most pinned hairstyles on Pinterest! Amazing, right? In fact, I didn’t even know that fact until the folks at In Style Hair Magazine contacted me to see about how the style came to be for their 2013 Spring/Summer Issue. What makes this hairstyle look so fabulous really has nothing to do with the updo at all; well, sort-of.  It’s so fluid because Kristin’s hair color was highlighted though all the way to the bottom, so there isn’t a darker section at the bottom to break it up. Kristin has “tons” of shoulder length hair, so I curled and set it with a 1” flat iron and then twisted and pinned each piece. It took about 2 hours, but was completely worth it! 
The Grecian Goddess is another fabulous hairstyle that is super popular on Pinterest. This style was inspired by ancient Greece and Jaime chose this style for her preview session, but changed it up a bit on her actual wedding day, which is A-OK.  Again, I used a 1 inch iron and clipped each piece to cool while makeup was being done.  Each piece was taken out of the clips, twisted and pinned into place. Again notice that Jaime’s hair color is consistent from top to bottom.
Another super popular look on Pinterest is long side curls. Jessica and Melissa both pull this off fabulously! This style is great for all hair types. For those who are wanting to wear their hair down but afraid of it falling as the night wears on, this is a very popular option.  I set the curls going away from the face with a 1 and 1/4 iron.  Both styles were finished with a final spray of Bumble’s Classic hairspray.  I really like this spray  for darker hair because it has extra hold but doesn’t leave a white film on darker hair.
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Last, a very recent bride, Kasey, has been re-pinned a lot since her August 2013 wedding (only a few weeks ago)! Gwen created this style by first prepping with Bumble and bumble’s Tonic Spray to even the porosity and get an even consistency with Kasey’s fine hair. Then the hair was layered and iron set with a combination of Bumble’s Grooming Cream and Thickening Spray to give hold, softness and shine. The result is fabulous!
It’s really amazing to see our work liked by people from all over! It’s super inspiring for the team to see how well received their work is, too.

Are you on Pinterest? Have you found inspiration through the site? Let me know in the comments!

Stay fabulous–