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Pucker Up! with Polished Pinks Plus a Free Sample


Polished Pinks Trio by bareMinerals. Only $15 at Make Me Fabulous, 32 Front St., Ballston Spa, NY.

One of our favorite times of year is just around the corner! This morning #TeamFab peeked inside a box of bareMinerals’ Polished Pinks, and just had to pull out a few tubes and try them on. They’re so soft and sugary, we promise you will find these fabulous Valentine’s treats simply IRRESISTIBLE!

Whether you are single or partnered, a trio of bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Polished Pinks mini-lipsticks will make the perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day. Shades include Speak Your Mind (blushing pink), Never Say Never (fuschia pink), and Fly High (lavender pink creme.)

pinklipsbareMinerals’ Marvelous Moxie mini-lipsticks offer beautiful color while infusing your lips with a moisture-loaded hydrating complex to nourish and condition That means even when you wipe off the color at bedtime, you’re left with healthy-looking, moisturized, kissable lips.

Each bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie mini-lipstick features a satin finish and creamy, full coverage. The neatly-packaged trio is available at Make Me Fabulous in Ballston Spa for only $15 (normally a $27 value!).

Plus, as our special Valentine’s Day gift to you, we will give you a FREE SAMPLE from the. bareMinerals’ new Skinsorial skincare line. We were the first in the area to land this amazing skincare line, clinically proven to improve the overall appearance of your skin in just two weeks.

bareMinerals Skinsorials/Make Me Fabulous

So, Pucker Up and pamper yourself with a trio of pinks! Buy a set of bareMinerals Polished Pinks and pick from a variety of samples from the new Skinsorial line.

We promise your lips will look and feel simply fabulous!

Angela Wakefield’s Favorite Tools

Angela Wakefield

Photo by elariophotographyinc

The blow dryer and round brush are two of Angela Wakefield’s favorite tools at Make Me Fabulous. In her hands, they help create a nearly indestructible blow out, the finishing touch and a rewarding conclusion to the hair service she is providing.

I love them because you can see how everything comes together. Giving someone a blowout that lasts a few days, that’s pretty happy.”

Angela Wakefield is one of the senior hair stylists at Make Me Fabulous. She graduated from Adirondack Beauty School in 2002 and has continued to educate herself throughout her career, completing such courses and certifications as the Ouidad Diva Curl, Martin Parsons’ Up Styling, Paul Mitchell’s Barbering, and has earned the title of Schwarzkopf Ask Expert.

As a Schwarzkopf Color Educator, Wakefield fields phone calls daily from salons all over the Capital District, Massachusetts and Vermont.

Any time someone is having a meltdown because a color doesn’t come out the way they thought it should, I walk them through it and how to correct it (and educate them) so it doesn’t happen again in the future… I’m technical support. All of these funky colors that are in now, purples and silvers, I help them work through the formulas. I’m there for whatever their color needs are, from the most mundane to the most elaborate.

Wakefield also enjoys the travel and background work involved in being a Schwarzkopf educator. She works behind the scenes of stage and hair shows, meeting such celebrity stylists as Kim Vo, the Schwarzkopf Professional Global Blonding Ambassador.

As for Angela’s professional influences, she says she really doesn’t have any one particular person she follows, preferring to garner her inspiration from the world around her.

I go more off the style I’m seeing on my favorite musicians or Pinterest… I don’t really believe in trends although I know they exist. Everyone’s fashion is up to them. Follow what speaks to you… I feel like we are in such a melting pot of what’s cool, you can do anything and no one will think anything of it.

Angela’s innate curiosity combined with a series of bad haircuts led her into the beauty industry. She started as an art major with intentions of going into fashion design, until a semester off led her into the world of hair.

Friends would call and ask me to go with them to pick hair color. I’ve always been the go-to so to have the license makes it all the better… I happen to be pretty good at it.”

So “good at it” in fact, that clients travel in from England, New York City and Boston to sit in Angela’s chair.

Because Angela would prefer to work in the shop than on location, her bridal services are reserved for those who specifically request her. She particularly enjoys scheduling time with her regular customers because she enjoys developing that personal relationship.

Wakefield cherishes the friendships she’s built while at Make Me Fabulous, with her clients, the other stylists and makeup artists, and with Alayne herself.

“Working with Alayne is pretty fun. There will be times I have the music down and she’d turn it up and it would turn into an instant dance party… we feed off each other… we travel well together.”

When Angela isn’t behind the chair at Make Me Fabulous, chances are you’ll find her with her husband, three dogs and one cat at their home in Greenfield. She enjoys art and music.

If I could go to concerts every moment I would. We own acreage, so I walk around the property with (my dogs.)”

Angela lives by several mottos, but leaves us with one of her favorite quotes:

Learn from other people’s mistakes because life is too short to make them all on your own.”

The Perfect Brow


The Perfect Brow/Make Me Fabulous

Today’s post is from guest blogger Carrie Rowlands-Johnson, a local writer and blog contributor to magazines and blogs in various Saratoga Springs and Ballston Spa media.

There are fabulous new trends in eyebrows. The perfect brow is now strong, bold and thick. No longer should they sit like check marks on your face, but should highlight your fabulous features.

Mine looked a lot like tadpoles when I walked into Make Me Fabulous today, seeking Alayne’s help to achieve the perfect brow.

For my entire adult life I have waxed and plucked to abandon. When I started, that check mark/tadpole look was in full swing. It’s gradually morphed into the sharp, clean, thick line popular today. Somewhere along the way, my eyebrows became outdated.

It’s well-known to me, Alayne Curtiss is the person when it comes to makeup and hair trends. Luckily, she is passionate about perfecting eyebrows too. She took one look at my brows and invited me in.

After sanitizing and prepping, she actually measured four parts of my brow area to design the perfect brow.

First using a miniature popsicle stick and drawing a line from the inside of my nose to the corner of my eye. That’s where the brow should start. Mine was close, but a bit short on one side.

Second, Alayne used the mini popsicle stick to draw a line straight up from the outer corner of my eye. This is where the brow stops. Mine was about right, with the exception of a few strays.

Third, she measured from the center of the eye, straight up. This should be where the arch sits.

Fourth and finally, she used the tiny stick to draw a line from the inside corner of my brow and slanted it to meet my arch. This is where my brows needed the majority of Alayne’s TLC. She advised me to leave the few stragglers that were living in that space, then warned me that if I became too aggressive with my tweezers at home, she’d take them away.

I’m pretty sure she was only half kidding.

After measuring and waxing, she worked her pure, fabulous Alayne magic. Check out my right brow compared to my left.

The Perfect Brow/Make Me Fabulous

Carrie Rowlands-Johnson, The Perfect Brow by Alayne Curtiss at Make Me Fabulous.

Using the Stila Stay All Day Precision Glide Brow pencil in medium brown (available at Make Me Fabulous, $21), she drew in those tiny hairs I’ve been missing, assuring me it’s ok to fill— even the Kardashians do it! Can you say instant eye lift over here!!

Stila Stay All Day Precision Brow Pencil/Make Me Fabulous

Stila Stay All Day Precision Glide Brow pencil in medium brown at Make Me Fabulous, 32 Front St., Ballston Spa, NY.

Alayne also offers this tip: your brows are sisters, not twins. It’s ok if they don’t look identical. They just aren’t designed that way. We shouldn’t obsess too much because the two sides of our face are different.  We can get them pretty close but they will NEVER be exactly the same.

To heal the skin after waxing, Alayne applied Pure Transformation Night Treatment by bareMinerals. It’s an active soil complex with extraordinary skin-renewing benefits. Brush it all over your entire face at night, wipe it on blemishes and apply it after waxing. You can find it at Make Me Fabulous, $60.

The Perfect Brow/Make Me Fabulous

bareMinerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment available at Make Me Fabulous, 32 Front St., Ballston Spa, NY

I look in the little hand mirror and find freshly-shaped brows which highlight my face instead of adding a punctuation mark… a look which is simply fabulous!

Get the look! Call us for an appointment (518)885-2929

Lauren Trudeau’s Fabulous Brides

lauren Trudeau

Lauren Trudeau, Senior Makeup Artist at Make Me Fabulous. Photo by

When a bride calls Make Me Fabulous to talk about hair and makeup for her wedding, we direct  her to Lauren Trudeau, the bridal coordinator at Make Me Fabulous and one of our senior makeup artists.

Lauren has been working with our brides as a makeup artist since she started with Make Me Fabulous four years ago. Realizing a passion for her beautiful brides and the bridal industry, she took on the job of bridal coordinator in October.

Lauren takes this service to another level. Her enthusiasm is genuine. Her knowledge is extensive. Her kind heart and warm spirit comfort and calm brides on what is not only one of the most important days of their lives, but one of the most stressful. Each and every bride realizes, Lauren just “gets it.”

Honestly, I think a lot of my skill comes from being a provider as well, and actually having been a bride myself .  I get the emotional part of it. I understand that every girl that calls or emails is planning the most important day of her life, and they should be treated like that. They should feel beautiful and feel like themselves. That’s intimidating, putting that in someone’s hands and trusting they have the same vision you have. I fall in love with all our brides,  I just love helping them plan their perfect day!”

From the moment a bride calls Make Me Fabulous, Lauren becomes her primary contact. Through a series of conversations (via phone, email or text) Lauren steers the bride through the entire process, from answering questions about #teamfab and booking the wedding, to setting up her trial run, coordinating the wedding day timeline,  fine tuning all the last minute details and changes, to actually being the bride’s makeup artist on her wedding day.

We live in a time of You Tube and Instagram and everyone is a makeup artist and can contour… I educate about the years of experience we have and the quality of our makeup and hair products.  We never buy from discount vendors only directly from the manufacturer so we know our products are the real deal.  I also educate about our years of preparing accurate wedding day timelines,  how we know most of the other vendors and can reiterate how they like the day to go.  A lot of girls might understand makeup, but we understand the entire process.  Luckily our amazing photographers sell our work the best… our makeup and hair is that good that they recommend us. It helps them that they don’t have to edit (as much) with our knowledge and expertise.“  I have to turn away so much business because Alayne insists that we train for approximately 2 years under her before we are allowed to touch a bride on her wedding day.  We would rather do that before putting a bride into inexperienced hands on her most important day.”

Lauren TrudeauBefore arriving at Make Me Fabulous, Lauren worked in two other spas, including one owned by her mother and herself. She was also the Upstate New York educator for Stila Cosmetics. Lauren trained at the Aesthetic Institute in Latham.

Lauren keeps her own style classic and low-key in an effort to appeal to the majority of her clients, taking cues from girl-next-door types like Jennifer Anniston.

While Lauren attempts to maintain a more natural look professionally, her off-hours might find her emulating classic beauties like Marilyn Monroe. Fundraisers, dinner dates with her husband and nights out with the girls all give her ample opportunity to apply the more artistic and dramatic look of her Hollywood inspirations.

I’m pretty obsessed with Marilyn Monroe. I think she is just awesome. I think everyone should try a cat eye and red lip atleast once in her life.”

When she is not talking with brides or applying makeup, you’ll find Lauren quite busy at her home in Saratoga with her husband and two daughters, a two-year old and a seven-month old.  Have a conversation with Lauren and you’ll immediately sense her passion for her family, her community, her clients and her career with Make Me Fabulous.

I’m literally going to retire here because I’m never leaving.  I love the small town feel, the family we have created with our commuity, co-workers and our past brides, I feel like I have found my passion and my home!”

Here’s to many more bridal consultations and makeup applications with Lauren Trudeau!

Bridal Hair Trends in 2016

Brides, relax. If you’re walking down the aisle in 2016, you can leave your OCD behind. Bridal hair trends in 2016 are all about being messy and undone.

Alayne had the honor of spending two days styling for the Kleinfeld’s Bridal Show in NYC recently, one of only about a dozen stylists hand-picked by lead hairstylist and celebrity stylist David Medelye. The powerhouse has worked with Miley Cyrus, Katie Perry, Gwyneth Paltrow, Elle, GQ, Vanity Fair, The Oscars, The Grammys, and The Golden Globes.



Alayne and MMF lead hairstylist, Angela Wakefield represented Make Me Fabulous, working alongside Medelye at the Pnina Tornai and Mark Zunino New York Bridal Fashion Week 2016 runway shows.  They were thrilled to watch their “brides” walk the runway in front of such celebrity bridal experts as Martha Stewart, Kevin and Danielle Jonas, Randy from ” Say Yes To the Dress” and representatives from The Knot, Wedding Channel, Glamour, Vogue and former QVC host Lisa Robinson.

A bridal expert in her own right, Alayne says her schedule wasn’t nearly as strenuous as a real wedding.  Alayne says she was surprised the pace wasn’t more hectic. She credits the organization and professionalism of the stylists, models and staff of Kleinfelds, Pnina and Zunino for the smooth flow. Everyone knew what they should be doing and when.

In fact, she spent as much time networking and learning as she did styling. Dinner in NYC with makeup and hair professionals provided an excellent opportunity for sharing business tips and trends Alayne will incorporate at Make Me Fabulous.

The hair on the brides, however, looked more like organized chaos. They were messy, but with flowing movement. They were all about being undone; more like Sunday morning hair than Saturday wedding hair.  She predicts perfection will be a thing of the past, at least for this year. Alayne is bringing back her experience from the Kleinfeld’s runway shows to upstate and is currently working closely to create the cover looks for the upcoming bridal issues of Her Life New York and Simply Saratoga.

fort william henry blonde braid

Photo credit Matt Ramos Photography

Surprisingly, creating that haphazard look without ending up with hair that looks like it wasn’t styled at all isn’t as easy as it may appear. Professionals did carefully labor over that hair, but instead of using heat, went to work with more traditional tools like combs, brushes, and their own hands, adding texture and that imperfect feel.

beth slade by buyce

Photo credit Tracey Buyce Photography

Perfection, or anything close to it, was forbidden throughout the two-day Kleinfeld show. When a bride walked out with hair that was anywhere near perfect, Medeleye sent her back to her stylist for a redo. Though it was contrary to what most brides ask for when they walk into Make Me Fabulous at 32 Front Street in Ballston Spa, Alayne finds it to be more in keeping with her own personal beliefs that things should be perfectly imperfect. She likes her brides to have a touch of, “Oh that’s beautiful- and it just fell that way!”


Photo credit Tiffany Wayne Photography

Expect to find these bridal hair trends in 2016, at least in part, and especially here in the Adirondack area, which is all about natural beauty. Alayne agrees, it will be refreshing to see brides less focused on how perfect their hair looks and more about just letting the wedding and their inner beauty unfold naturally, a look that will be forever fabulous!

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Suzan Truax’s 19-Year Journey with Fabulous

As we start off the New Year, we want to help you get to know a few of the talented hair and makeup artists and skincare professionals we have the pleasure of working with at Make Me Fabulous. This week, meet Suzan Truax.

Susie Truax

Photo by

You’ll typically find Suzie, as we all call her, by the makeup counter, answering questions about products and offering makeup lessons; or in the waxing room, where she takes as much pride in her eyebrow designs as Alayne herself does.

I love to do brows. I do Alayne’s. She has the mirror in front of her (as I wax her brows.) She really taught me everything. She could have a shop just doing brows. She’s amazing.

If she’s not inside the boutique, Suzie is on location, applying makeup for commercial or bridal clients. She says this is her favorite part of her job.

Every day is different. It’s fun for me.

Suzie is one of our senior makeup artists. She and Alayne have been a duo since the very start of Make Me Fabulous more than nineteen years ago. In fact, they were coworkers years before Make Me Fabulous was even a thought in Alayne’s fabulous head. She and Alayne traveled together as consultants and trainers for Clinique. When Alayne decided to go out on her own, Suzie ditched the Clinique job and stayed by Alayne’s side, a bold move on which she has never looked back.


Suzie On Set at Morrison Dental

I like the atmosphere here. We’re like family. We care about each other and respect each other and it’s enjoyable to go to work.

Though much of her training has been on the job and under the distinct eye of Alayne, Suzie did complete a course in waxing at the Jordan Lynn Cosmetology School in Schenectady.

Suzie says her own personal style is classic and simple.  While she doesn’t usually do dramatic makeup herself, her talent allows her to provide a dramatic effect for other people.

I transform people. I have a conversation with them… pictures are helpful, if they want a certain look. I can duplicate any look.”

Suzie says her most memorable transformation was providing symmetry to the face of a bride whose eye was disfigured in a car accident.

It was amazing how contouring and makeup changed her look. It was awesome. It meant a lot to me that she was so happy…. it’s not like a job. It’s too much fun.”

During her time away from Make Me Fabulous, Suzie spends time at home in Ballston Spa, enjoying the company of her husband of 29-years, two dogs and visits from her son and three grandchildren. You’ll often find her outside, skiing in the winter and camping during the summer.

Here’s to another nineteen years, Suzie!

Embracing Curly Hair

 Curly Hair/Make Me Fabulous

Embracing Curly Hair

Frizzy, unmanageable, dry, — when we hear you say these words in despair, we know immediately you are talking about your curls. We know all about that love-hate relationship. It’s been brewing since the beginning of hair styles. Many of us on #TeamFab experience the very same battles with our own curly hair. In fact, about seventy-percent of you have some type of curl pattern, whether it be loose, classic, tight, or kinky.

We’ve always been able to steer you through the battlefield, cutting and moisturizing and styling until you emerge from our chairs triumphant over the challenges only a curly-haired person faces. That’s why you keep coming back to Make Me Fabulous.
Now we have a new arsenal in our aprons and on our shelves— a shiny, brand new certification from the Queen of the curl herself, Ouidad. Curly Hair/Make Me FabulousThis curl hair expert is an internationally-renowned stylist, salon owner, author and global educator. She is the pioneer of the curly hair industry, working on and refining her specialized cutting and styling techniques and award-winning product line for more than thirty years.

This fall, the Ouidad team visited Make Me Fabulous and trained #TeamFab in the Ouidad styling technique. We discovered the beauty of using just the right products. Because curly hair frizzes when it is dry, it needs extra moisture.

Curly Hair/Make Me Fabulous

Ouidad Curl Quencher  Moisturizing Shampoo, $18 at Make Me Fabulous

It all starts with the right shampoo. Ouidad targets each specific curly hair need, from dry to frizzy, with a variety of shampoos. Our favorite is the Curl Quencher Moisturizing Shampoo ($18 for 8.5 oz at Make Me Fabulous.)


Curly Hair/Make Me Fabulous

Ouidad Melt-Down Mask, $14 at Make Me Fabulous

The Melt-down Mask by Ouidad is an easy fix to the frizzies and feels oh-so luxurious ($14, 2oz. at Make Me Fabulous.) The special blend of oils and nutrients envelopes the hair shaft to nourish and protect hair, promoting health and prevent future damage. You’ll fall in love with the melt-down technology that is a cozy, warm treat as you lie in our shampoo bowl or apply for yourself at home.

Follow with one of a variety of conditioners, each formulated to target your specific need. We are big fans of Ouidad’s Whipped Curls ($26 at Make Me Fabulous,) which goes to work both conditioning and priming so it restores the natural curl pattern and encourages bouncy, defined, frizz-free curls as it holds the moisture all day long.

After the in-salon course, Alayne and Angela Nadine packed their scissors, grabbed a pair of lattes and took a road trip to New York City for the final stages of this intense training. They spent two days fervently learning from the experts, practicing and testing. They learned how to puzzle and intertwine and lay the curls properly into place. They learned to cut all four types of curls, each with their own unique set of challenges. They learned to embrace their own curls, and were taught how to enhance the curls of our clients. They came home with the coveted Ouidad certification under their pretty leather belts. Make Me Fabulous is now one of only two salons in the entire Capital Region to hold this distinction.

When she walked back into Make Me Fabulous after that intense training with Ouidad, Alayne described the experience as an “Aha!” moment, saying she is now more than 100-percent confident when working with curly hair. #TeamFab is ready for you, curly haired beauties. We will help you embrace your curls with our specialized cutting, styling and product line. We promise you will go home looking fabulous!