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How to Use Your Makeup Brushes- Brushology 101

Makeup BrushThey look so pretty, offering so much promise as they greet you from your makeup bag every morning— sleek, shiny handles… glossy, fluffy bristles… a variety of shapes and sizes. But when you take your makeup brush in your hand, you’re not quite sure whether to pat, stroke or brush. Should you tap off the excess after you apply the product? How many times should you run your brush across your compact? How do you use each makeup brush? How often do you clean your brushes? And with what?

Using makeup brushes can be baffling for some. At Make Me Fabulous, we understand your questions. We’ve been there. We’ve immersed ourselves in learning. We’ve come out on the other side with a wealth of knowledge. Now we’re sharing our findings with you.

One of our best sellers is the, oh so popular, Sigma F80. With it, apply foundation to the center of your face and sweep outward to achieve a clean look. All our brushes are now synthetic, to avoid any skin reactions to animal fibers and cruelty free for all our pet loving beauties out there.

Next, use a beauty blender to blend foundation. Just dampen it with water or a favorite trick of Alayne’s is to use a bit of bareMinerals Original Primer and dab onto your foundation. To soften the coverage and any lines.

A Kabuki brush is great to use with bareMinerals foundation.  The tried and true method of  Swirl, Tap and Buff is still the best way to acheive beautiful skin and natural coverage.  At bareMinerals training they do ALOT of gentle buffing!  The warmth and motion of the brush with the minerals really creates the coveted beautiful natural finish we all fell in love with.

Use an angled brush for  contouring by swirling it around on your cheekbones and then angling it up toward your jawline.

A powder brush will blend loose powder or one of our top sellers, Mineral Veil, over the makeup you’ve already applied, setting it to provide a flawless matte finish that goes on and on.

A concealer brush will reach under your eye and into the corners, providing coverage for those dark under-eye circles and blemishes.

An all-over eyeshadow brush will provide an intense color across your entire eyelid.

A smudging brush is great for blending eyeliner after applying it. A smudged line offers that popular, smoky look.

Dab an eyebrow brush in eyebrow powder in quick strokes to provide a natural yet defined look on your brows.

A fan brush is perfect for clean-ups and airbrushed looking blush applications. Brush away the loose eyeshadow or eyeliner littering your face after applying your makeup.


We just adore the Sigma Beauty and the new and improved bareMinerals line of brushes and recommend them for all of our clients.

#teamfab will show you all of the above tips and much more during a free, in-salon client training event. It’s our third in a series of successful events. During Brushology 101, we will teach you which brushes to use to create the perfect look for you. Makeup experts Lauren and Suzan will be taking appointments all day April 29th from 10am through 5pm. They will show you how to achieve a more precise, smooth and streak-free application. They will also share how they care for their makeup brushes.
To make your appointment, call 518-885-2929 or email

Courtney Vogel’s Fabulous Lashes

courtney vogel

Photo by Elario Photography Inc.

With steady, careful hands, the tiny lash is delicately placed. One after another, the black lashes form a line, framing first one eye, and then the second. Their owner gazes into a mirror, in love with the thick set of lashes staring back at her. She glances at the face peering over her. It’s Courtney Vogel, Aesthetician and lash specialist at Make Me Fabulous, ready with one last lash to complete the already fabulous pair.

Courtney started her career in the beauty business thirteen years ago, after graduating from the Orlo School of Hair Design. In 2012, she became certified in eyelash extensions through Lavish Lashes. A year later, she expanded her range of services even further by attending and graduating from The Aesthetic Science Institute.

Vogel particularly enjoys working with brides and travels all over the Capital Region and Beyond with #teamfab.

With all the choices people have for hair and makeup, it’s nice that people choose us on such a big day for them. It’s nice to be part of it.

With skilled hands and a creative soul, Courtney performs just about every service offered at Make Me Fabulous. Custom facials, make applications, up-dos, cuts and colors— Vogel is a full-service beauty professional. She has a passion for helping women look fabulous, and will schedule a variety of services throughout her day.

It’s fun. It doesn’t feel like work. You get to be creative and express your creativity and you make people happy and feel good.”

But ask her what her absolutely favorite task is, and she’ll tell you it’s applying eyelash extensions.

Volume Lashes by Courtney

I like the whole creation. You take someone’s features and enhance them and people feel good afterward. I haven’t had a client that hasn’t loved them (their lashes.)”

It’s important to Courtney to stay on top of her game, relying on social media to keep her perspective fresh.

“I try to keep up with current trends and see what’s happening and learn from other people. I check Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.”

Courtney came to Make Me Fabulous nearly two years ago. She says working with Alayne has been both inspirational and educational.

I like working with Alayne. She allows you to be who you are as a person in the beauty industry. She lets you do what you’re good at and run with it… I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like her. She’s so good with people and makes them feel relaxed and at ease. She doesn’t take herself too seriously. She knows what she’s doing and just does it.”

When Courtney isn’t making clients beautiful at Make Me Fabulous, she enjoys down time with her 5-year old daughter Scarlett. She calls herself a homebody and cherishes quality time with her family.

She describes her own personal style as classic, trendy and simple.

We are thrilled to have Courtney on #teamfab and of course find her simply fabulous!