Colors of Fall

Well, it’s official. Fall is here. Comfy sweaters, boots, scarves and of course one of our favorite fall trends…CARAMEL!

Haarfarbe Caramel

With the change of seasons comes a change in hair. We go from beautiful blondes to sweet caramels. We’re seeing it everywhere from runways to the mall. Caramel is a soft color that is best suited for softer styles. Any kind of wave or curl is perfect for a caramel color.


Here at Make Me Fabulous we love the thought of a more natural hair color. Essensity by Schwarzkopf is a color line designed with our eco friendly clients in mind. No ammonia, no formaldehyde, and beautiful results! To top it off it covers those pesky greys! Essensity Color is our first permanent ammonia-free oil-color with Phytolipid Technology which delivers real color results, natural intensity and pure softness while using natural ingredients where possible. Your stylist can help you choose the perfect shade for your skin tone. Frame your face with a few shimmering highlights and you’re ready for fall! 

ESSENSITY Permanent Colour

ColorProof vegan hair care line is perfect to maintain your new caramel locks. Sulfate-free | Salt-free, Gluten-free | Paraben-free, Phthalate-free | PABA-free, Carcinogen-free | MEA & DEA-free, Biodegradable formulas, 100% vegan, Never tested on animals, and Keratin-free.  Volume, hydration, smoothing, curl enhancing and clarifying products mean there’s something for every hair type!

colorproof ProductGroup


Now we don’t just update our hair for the seasons; we update our wardrobes and of course our makeup. You don’t have to buy all new makeup to update your look. Play up your eyes and lips! Stila Cosmetics just came out with a new 20th anniversary line with some absolutely stunning eyeshadows. Twelve colors in one pallet!

stila anniv

One of the first things that comes to mind when we think of Fall is the colors (apple cider donuts is also high on the list). Bright oranges and bold reds are what make us love this time of year. So, of course we have to mention our favorite red lip. bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lips has luxuriously rich, super-saturated colors infused with vitamins and minerals to leave lips looking fuller. Line the lips with the Marvelous Moxie liner Amped. These liners have fully-loaded cream color self sharpening pencils to shape, fill, line and define lips for long-lasting wear. Next is lipstick. Marvelous Moxie Lipstick color Light It Up is a creamy, super-saturated, ultra-pigmented color that glides on like butter for full coverage with a rich satin finish. Now if you’re not a lipstick wearer don’t fret! Marvelous Moxie has a line of lip glosses that offer luscious, vibrant color loaded into a refreshing formula that slips on satiny-smooth for sheer-to-medium coverage with nonstop glistening shine. Our favorite red is Game Changer. The perfect red carpet red!


All of the products we’ve mentioned are sold at our Ballston Spa Boutique.

32 Front St., Ballston Spa, NY 12020




Photo Shoot Fun!

About a year ago we were approached by one of our favorite photographers, JP Elario about teaming up with Angela’s Bridal and a group of fabulous models for a bridal photo shoot. The results were amazing and it turned into a quarterly event.

photo shoot all

This quarter was the biggest shoot to date with 14 models to style but we were up for the task! We were looking to achieve a more realistic feel. Something a bride would actually wear on her wedding day. So updos were on the menu.  The entire Make Me Fabulous team arrived at Angela’s Bridal hours before to start prepping the models the same way we would for a real wedding. What really sets us apart is our amazing knowledge of our products. We know what works, what holds and what different hair types require.  Our favorite products for prepping the hair are bumble and bumble holding spray, bumble and bumble does it all spray adding a little bumble and bumble grooming cream for hydration. The hair turns out full and soft while maintaining the curl we need to achieve each style. To add volume at the root nothing compares to OSIS+ Glamour Queen. This is one of the newest products from Schwarzkopf and we’re in LOVE with it. You won’t believe how high you can get the hair after using it! Finish the entire look with the OSIS+ Session Label Strong Hold hairspray and the girls were everything proof.

Now onto their absolutely flawless makeup! We use only the best professional lines available. Each face is primed. One of our favorite primers is Stila All Day Prime & Anti-Shine Balm. This multi-tasking, secret weapon provides invisible coverage for a flawless complexion. Use under makeup as a primer to create an impeccable canvas for flawless makeup application, use over makeup to set and extend wear, or use in place of a pressed powder for touchups throughout the day. Foundation is also key for a flawless look. A lot of our makeup artists like the Stila Stay All Day Foundation. It even comes with matching concealer and an application brush! Lips tie it all together. We love the bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipsticks. These creamy, super-saturated, ultra-pigmented color glide on like butter for full coverage in a rich satin finish. We finish e ach face with a finishing powder like the bareMinerals Mineral Veil to give each face a perfect airbrushed look.

These photo shoots give us a much needed creative outlet and we love every single second of it. Two of our stylists were even chosen to model! Fun!! Here is a link to the entire blog post by JP

And some of our favorite shots:

Angelas-Bridal-Albany19 (2)

 Angelas-Bridal-Albany18 (2) 

 Angelas-Bridal-Albany17 (2)

Angelas-Bridal-Albany16 (2)

Angelas-Bridal-Albany15 (2)

Angelas-Bridal-Albany13 (2)

Angelas-Bridal-Albany12 (2)

Angelas-Bridal-Albany10 (2)

Angelas-Bridal-Albany08 (2)

Angelas-Bridal-Albany07 (2)

Angelas-Bridal-Albany06 (2)

Angelas-Bridal-Albany05 (3)

Angelas-Bridal-Albany03 (2)

Angelas-Bridal-Albany01 (2)

Here’s some of the products we love and used on this shoot:

mineral veilstila shine primerstila foundationIMG_2703


Fabulous hair in 15!

So it’s officially back to school time. which of course, means less time in the mornings. Whether you’re getting kids ready for school or getting yourself ready, it’s always a rush. So, we thought it would  be great to offer some quick time saving styling tips.

If you don’t wash your hair every day then you’re already one step ahead! The hair is already dry. Pump up the volume by spraying some bumble and bumble does it all styling spray and rolling the hair in some large Velcro rollers. Let it set while you’re applying your makeup. Then pull them out, give you’re head a shake, add a little more hairspray and you’re ready to go. Pair is with a super trendy headband to add some bohemian flare!

headband wavy

Braids are also a hot trend this year. Specifically the side braid. Start by rough drying your hair(no brush needed). Next add some texture to your hair by spritzing the hair with some sea salt spray. We’re really digging the new OSIS+ Session Label Sea Salt Spray. Give the hair a minute to dry then pull it to the side and braid. Pull out a piece or two on the sides for a softer look.

side breaid

Now don’t think we forgot about our shorter hair girls out there. Your hair doesn’t have to be long to be fabulous! One of the hottest haircuts in Hollywood is the pixie. Start by adding some volume. Try spraying in some bumble and bumble Thickening Spray on wet hair. Dry your hair using your fingers to push the hair into the direction you want it to go. Now we need texture. Rub a dry wax into your hands and add to the areas of the hair that you’d like to see texture. For this we recommend OSIS+ Rough Rubber. 


There you have it! Three easy styles that take less than 15 minutes!

Here’s the products we talked about. All of them are sold at our Ballston Spa salon.

Bumble-and-Bumble-Does-it-All-Styling-Spraybumblethickeningspraysession sea saltOSiS+ Rough Rubber 50ml

Contouring, Highlighting and Bronzing like a Kardashian

Ok, we’ve all seen how amazing Kim Kardashian looks in her selfies and thought “how does she always look so good?” Well, the secret is out. It’s all about the contouring, highlighting and bronzing. We’re dishing on how to get the perfect Kardashian contoured look.


Contouring – is meant to mimic the natural shadows of your face and to essentially reduce the areas that we want to see recede (yes, we can make our noses look smaller and our cheekbones pop!)  Remember, use matte colors with cool tones around the parameters of the face, in the hollows of the cheeks, and down the sides of the nose. Make Me Fabulous recommends using bareMinerals Faux Tan.

faux tan3

Highlighting –is meant to lift and highlight the areas that we want more prominent, with the  ultimate goal of catching the light. To accomplish this, use lighter colors or something with a soft shimmer or sheen under the eyebrow, along the top of the nose, and on top of the cheek bone. A client favorite is the Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminator.


stila highlighter

Now blend. Use a flat headed brush like bareMinerals Heavenly Face brush to blend it all in.



Bronzing – is used to recreate that fresh, sun kissed glow without the damage of the suns rays.  In this case, you should use a bronzer with warm tones and unlike contouring, shimmery colors can be used. Stila has several bronzers that are great for that soaking-up-the-sun glow!


  Now finish by setting with a color free powder like bareMinerals ”cult classic”  Mineral Veil

mineral veil

And that’s it!  You’ve achieved your fabulous Kardashian contoured look!


The best tips for airdrying your hair.

With warmer weather here in upstate,  we have been doing a lot more straightening and smoothing treatments in the salon. I also spent a day on set for the August issue of  Her Life New York  doing an editorial spread on quick and easy hairstyles. Check it out!

rosie her life

Plus I love the blog Daily Makeover!  They recently did a post about air drying your hair and I wanted to recap some really great tips they included:

On those sweltering summer days, the last thing we want to do is spend time under a hot hair dryer. But what are we to do? Sadly, air drying hair is a lot more complicated than getting out of the shower and letting hair sit. Here’s some tips to get the perfect air dry every time.

Consider your products.  Look for shampoos free of  sulfates, parabens and gluten.” Like the ColorProof  line we carry.  Its all of the previous plus animal cruelty free, super concentrated, and smells amazing.”



This means it doesn’t have detergents that dry out your hair and no extra chemicals that will take longer to dry, says Dominick Pucciarello, master stylist at Mizu New York Salon. If you have curly hair or thick hair, use conditioner as a styling product, instead of rinsing out. If you have fine hair, rinse it out. Make sure to concentrate conditioner on the ends, because that’s one place where your natural oils aren’t reaching. Applying too much conditioner to the root area can cause hair to flatten out or look oily. Sometimes tipping your head upside down to apply conditioner will help avoid getting it too close to the roots.

If you want wavy, just came from the beach hair, use a sea salt spray, like the new Salt Spray from Osis in the Session Styling Line or the Surf Spray from Bumble and Bumble.  These can be sprayed in wet and then again when dry for even more texture. 

surfspray SKP_HIM_OSIS_SessionLabel_PackShots_940x380



Next is a great tip that I had never uncovered.

Do NOT towel dry. One of the best kept secrets to a successful air dry is the importance of never touching the towel to your hair, says Chaz Dean, celebrity hairstylist and founder and creator of WEN Hair and Body Care. Towels are a large origin of frizziness. If the hair is to damp or you’re needing to get it out of your face, avoid the frizz-causing fibers in the towel, and instead opt for a soft cotton t-shirt, pillow case or microfiber cloth. All of these materials, unlike a towel, have threads that are finer. When hair is wet, it’s at its weakest and most fragile state. Thus, a regular cotton t-shirt is smooth enough to not disturb the hair.

“When I do my friend Denise’s Eliopoolus’s  hair, owner of  Something Bleu Bridal she always brings her special towel.  If you know Denise, you know, she has some seriously amazing hair!

Try a mousse.  When air drying your hair, try using a mousse, says Charles Baker Strahan, Herbal Essences celebrity stylist. It gives great hold without that stiff, crunchy feeling. Try applying Bumble and Bumbles Full Form Mousse, we can’t keep this stuff in stock, to very wet hair.  Put a golf ball-size amount into the palm of your hands and then rub your palms together to  emulsify the product. Use your palms almost as your palette—dip your fingers into your palm to pick up the product and then rub it at the scalp. The roots require the most product to lift and provide volume. Then, wring out the remaining moisture from the hair, allowing the water to carry the product evenly through the hair. Shake the hair allowing the curl tendrils to form—don’t brush or detangle, this will only loosen the curl and create frizz,” he says.



Beware the bangs. Best route is to blow dry just those. They never seem to air dry just right on their own, and a few seconds under the blow dryer won’t melt you.

Consider keratin. Another alternative is getting a keratin treatment to make it dry faster,  It eliminates frizz and cuts down your dry time by 40 percent. Our two most popular are our 30 day spray in treatment that only takes and hour and costs only $40-$60 and the Chi Enviro, I talk about those in a previous blog here.

Braid it. Another hairstyle would be a braid, I did lots of braids and knots for my shoot with Her Life this month.  Although we did it dry on set you can also braid your hair while it is damp and let it dry while braided. A looser braid will give your hair a beautiful wavy texture, whereas a tighter braid will give you more of a crimp throughout.
Read more:



A Special Thanks to Our Fabulous Clients!

As you know, we get pretty busy here at Make Me Fabulous. Between salon appointments, commercial shoots, personal projects, and weddings, I sometimes feel like we barely have a minute to sit down. But, more often than not, I get emails forwarded to me from my staff from clients and these emails are  fabulous!

I’m particularly touched that our clients take the time to let us know we’re doing an awesome job. It means the world to us and bolsters us on those days (if ya know what I mean, yes we all have them!)  I feel very fortunate to love what I do. Seeing a client’s face light up when they see themselves in the mirror after we have completed their hair and makeup never gets old. And it simply never will. Our staff works so hard to make sure our clients are more than happy and they are truly professionals in every sense of the word. It is my goal to not only make our guests feel the best they can but also train my staff to provide the best services and treat our customers with great hospitality as well!

For example, this is an excerpt from an email I received recently from one of our guests that visited the boutique…

My name is Vincent and I recently had a fantastic experience at Make Me Fabulous. I took my mom to get her hair done–she was scared having never done so before. I was very impressed at how comfortable all of the ladies made her feel and their expertise and product knowledge set us both at ease. They also went above and beyond to accommodate my Mom being in a wheelchair and transferred her from one chair to another. I was dealing with laryngitis and couldn’t talk, but Amy offered to get us both tea as she finished my Mother’s hair. We were in a rush  to get her to a doctors appointment and she finished exactly on time.

Being a sales supervisor it is my job to coach my associates about exemplary customer service; I have never seen a better example than at Make Me Fabulous! I’m sure it comes as no surprise, but we are both very happy customers! Please extend my thanks to all of the staff and, particularly, Amy who went above and beyond to make our visit an unforgettable experience.

We are confident that we will only be going to your salon from now on. Looking forward to our next appointment!

Vincent and Mom

One from a very sweet bride and now boutique customer:


Alayne and her team are amazing, she kept me calm all morning and made me look truly stunning. I received so many compliments about my hair and makeup…I was glowing. Alayne took the time to drive 3 hours in the worst weather but stood by me for touch ups and breathing exercises! I couldn’t have asked for anything else… She is a wonderful person, a fantastic makeup and hair expert, and I’m so glad to have shared this day with her.

I was in tears–happy ones, of course!

And another one from a happy bride…

For years I had heard about Make Me Fabulous through the countless wedding photography blogs. When it came time to choose the beauty professionals for my own wedding, there was no other name on my mind when I thought who would be the best. Expectations were not only met but widely surpassed. My first experience with them was at a hair trail for my mother and I. Other than having a headpiece in hand and knowing I wanted my hair up, I had no clue what to do for my wedding day for hair and makeup. Amy and Lauren immediately set me at ease and worked with me to figure out a natural enhancing, slightly dramatic and beautifully romantic look for myself. I nearly cried when I saw the finished product in the mirror that day.

On the day of the wedding they showed up at our hotel suite in time and in high spirits. I was thrilled to spend the morning with Amy, Amy and Lauren. Having 11 of us on the schedule was a big undertaking, but they did it well, keeping us on time and on track. They fit right in with my bridal party who loved them immediately and were ecstatic over the results of their own hair and makeup. My mother and mother-in-law looked so incredibly gorgeous and they worked magic with my mother’s short hair (which I thought other than a blowout there was nothing you could do to enhance chin length hair). My own look for the wedding was not only replicated from the trial but improved upon to total perfection. As my wedding ended I found myself checking my hair and makeup bewildered to find both beautifully intact after 7 + Hours. When I look at photos of myself from even late in that evening, I am still awed at how beautiful they made me feel. There is nothing in the world like that feeling and I’m so grateful to them for that. The work is exceptional, but the total experience of Make Me Fabulous is beyond words. Make Me Fabulous was simply incredible as professionals and as people. Not only will you look absolutely fabulous, but you will feel fabulous.

And finally, two new friends of ours after their Skidmore College graduation:


Thanks so much to MMF for making my friend Jessica and I look amazing for graduation! The whole process was stress-free, went smoothly and we were all ready with time to spare before graduation. Alayne did a fantastic job with our hair and makeup! And the little “beauty emergency” kits were so cute. Thanks again, Bettina

PS Thanks to Alayne’s bobby-pinning expertise, my cap did not budge the entire time!

So to everyone who has written us or left us feedback on Facebook or Twitter–THANK YOU! Know that we appreciate it so much. We truly have the best clients and we’re so thankful for that.

Stay fabulous–


Are You Ready to Bare All?!

Is it May 1st yet? Because here at Make Me Fabulous we’re so excited for all of our clients to try the latest from bareMinerals!

From the creators of the award-winning cult-favorite ORIGINAL foundation comes a revolutionary new serum foundation that could only be bareMinerals!


BARESKIN by bareMinerals!

--Famous no-makeup look and feel.
--No silicone. No oil. No parabens. No fragrance.
--Hypoallergenic. Non-comedogenic.
--Dermatologist tested.

BARESKIN is being hailed in the May issue of Allure Magazine as “liquid Photoshop.”

Stop by Make Me Fabulous beginning May 1st to get shade matched!

Stay fabulous–

Clinically proven to improve the appearance of dark spots, skin brightness and skin.*

All About Eyelash Extensions (available at Make Me Fabulous)!

Hey, friends–we’re back with an all new blog post! We haven’t even entered into our busy season, but things have been hopping for us here at the boutique and all over town!

Did you know that in addition to our world renowned salon and beauty services that we also offer eyelash extensions here at Make Me Fabulous?! It’s true! I wanted to take some time to tell you all about this hot trend!

Eyelash extensions are single synthetic or silk fibers which are applied to natural eyelashes to get a fuller look. Using a medical grade bonding adhesive, synthetic/silk lashes are applied one by one to the natural lashes. The procedure takes approximately 1 ½ hours for a full set of extensions. During the application,  one natural lash is isolated at a time and attached about a half millimeter from the lashline, to avoid touching the skin. This process is continued until all of the lashes that are long and strong enough are covered with an extension. Women average about 75-150 lashes per eye, which is why this procedure takes time. The length of the extensions depend on the length of your own natural lashes, as they need to be at least half the length of an extension.

We all shed our own lashes naturally every 45-60 days, and that is why it’s important to get your extensions “filled in.” Most clients prefer coming in every 2-3 weeks for fills to keep that full and luscious look. Once the lashes are applied, they need to stay completely dry for at least 24 hours to allow the adhesive enough time to fully bond. The lashes shouldn’t be touched, curled, or rubbed, and any products containing oil should not be used on or around your eyes. Oil is the enemy to the adhesive as it will dissolve the bond and the extensions will fall off.

Erin, our lash extension specialist, has been doing eyelash extensions for 4 years, and teaches a certification course at the Aesthetic Science Institute, in Latham NY  Check out these two eyelash extensions that we did recently. The difference is amazing!  I also wore them to a very “Sparkly” wedding for our friend Katie O’Malley and they truly looked and felt fabulous, which inspired me to write this blog and tell you all about them! You’ll hear more about Katie O’s  wedding day preparations soon, I promise!



I hope you enjoyed learning all about eyelash extensions–if you have any questions or are interested in learning more, leave me a comment or email us at!

Stay fabulous–




Bare Minerals on Sale for the Month of April!

Can you believe that it’s April?! I feel like we’ve been hibernating for far too long! But now that the warm weather and the flower bulbs and birds are starting to emerge, we wanted to offer our loyal Make Me Fabulous customers a special deal!

For the entire month of April we’re taking 25% off ALL in stock bare minerals READY foundations, blushes, and select eyeshadows! With this deal, you’ll be ready for spring!

Stop by the shop at 32 Front St. Ballston Spa! Hope to see you soon!

Stay fabulous–

Ask Alayne: Shampoo FAQ, Keratin Hair Straightening, and Hot Lip Colors Just off the Red Carpet!

We’re back with an all new edition of Ask Alayne! We’ve been getting some great questions (keep ‘em coming), so let’s get right to it!

Question 1: Alayne–I’ve been reading a lot about how washing your hair frequently is bad. Specifically, when you wash your hair on a daily basis you strip your hair of its natural oils and, therefore, your body overcompensates and makes more oil. But then I read a different article that completely refuted this! I’m super confused (and so is my hair)! I think it would be nice to scale back on washing my hair, but I also don’t want to sacrifice my style (my hair gets really oily, really quickly). What’s your take on all of this and do you have a dry shampoo that you prefer? Thanks so much! Jenn



Answer: Thanks so much for your question, Jenn! I wish I had a simple answer, but it really depends on the person. Obviously, everyone has different hair types and some of us are dry, others are oily…but I tend to agree that cutting back on washing your hair–maybe washing every other day–is generally a good idea. When you do shampoo, look for products that are sulfate free (like Moroccan Oil products) and don’t be surprised if it takes your locks a week or so to acclimate to your new schedule. Oily hair may look a little slick at first, but if you can wait it out, it’ll be worth it. Here at Make Me Fabulous, we really like the Morroconoil dry scalp and oily scalp treatments.  They are formulated to actually re-balance the conditions of the scalp.  It may seem odd to add oil to oily hair but, trust me, it works! The only thing that cuts through oil is oil! Also, we carry some fabulous new “powders”   which absorb oil and give that highly sought after lived in look, that is sooo popular right now.  A cult favorite is the Osis Dust It or Bumble and Bumble Pret-A-Powder.


Question 2: Alayne–I have curly and somewhat frizzy hair (especially depending on the weather) and I’m really interested in trying a keratin hair straightening treatment. But I’m also worried that the treatment could potentially be bad for my health. What’s your take on it? Thanks so much! Christina

chi_enviro__93425brazilian blow out bottles

Answer: Excellent question, Christina! First and foremost, know that Keratin is a protein that is naturally in your hair. Second, we do offer keratin hair straightening treatments here at Make Me Fabulous and more!   The health concern stems from the use of formaldehyde in the keratin treatment. Keratin straightening products are all approved by the FDA, but in 2011 the FDA came down on some brands because they found higher levels of formaldehyde then was allowed. Since then, formulas have been changed and they’re all deemed safe by the FDA. But, like anything, you need to weigh the pros and cons of a treatment. We’re obviously comfortable with it, but we want you to be also. We actually offer two types of hair straightening treatments–the Brazilian Blowout with keratin and CHI Enviro hair smoothing system without. The Brazilian Blowout has been voted as a top favorite amongst stylists worldwide for the past few years and is the best option for seriously thick, curly or frizzy hair.  The CHI Enviro uses a pearl and silk complex instead of keratin to smooth and straighten hair and is the best option for chemically damaged, wavy or fragile hair. Honestly these new treatments have been noted as being “LIFE CHANGING” by some of our clients. We love them both and we’d be happy to discuss which option is best for you! Feel free to call at: 518.885.2929!


Question 3: Hey, Alayne! I noticed so many celebrities sporting orange lips at the Golden Globes and other award shows. I LOVE this look, but I’m a little scared. Do you have any shades that you’d recommend? Thanks for your help! Liz


Answer: Hi, Liz! Great question and very on-point! Believe it or not, friends, orange is really hot right now! I have a few recommendations for you, Liz–first, an option from stila cosmetics (a new favorite makeup line for us at MMF); a lip stain called “Mango Crush.” It has hint of orange and is definitely subdued. This is a great product and is so versatile! Last, our trusty standby with that tangy tingle of peppermint and cinnamon oil–the Marvelous Moxie lipcolor from Bare Minerals.  The glossy coral red shade of “Game Changer” was ALL THE RAGE  at NY fashion week, Spring 2014. We love both of these options for almost all skin tones!

Three awesomely fabulous questions this month! I hope you found this helpful and feel free to email us or contact us through Facebook or twitter!

Stay fabulous–