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Self-Tanning Must Haves!

Have you been dying to get a sunkissed glow to start off your summer but there just aren’t enough hours in the day? Look no further, #teamfab has discovered exactly what you need!

The new St. Tropez collection has just arrived and the girls and I at Make Me Fabulous decided to share with you which two self-tanning products we just cannot live without!


First up is St. Tropez Gradual Tan in Shower Lotion:

With just 3 minutes as part of your daily shower routine, Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion is a convenient way to build a sunkissed, gradual glow, that provides up to 24 hour moisturization. This product is streak-free and easy to apply, it’s ideal for first time tanners, pre and post vacation top-ups, or those looking for a low maintenance year-round glow! With Sweet Almond Oil it’s also clinically proven to hydrate the skin for up to 24 hours, so there’s no need to moisturize afterwards, making it perfect for busy lifestyles.

This Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion is also available in Golden Glow Medium for a deeper sunkissed glow in just 3 minutes!


So, why is this product fabulous?

By just simply applying daily in the shower, you can build your desired depth of tan and keep your skin healthy and moisturized!


Second up is St. Tropez One Night Only Temporary Tanner:

IMG_0940Get the signature St.Tropez tan in a flash with One Night Only Wash Off Face & Body Lotion. This innovative and easy-to-use tanning essential delivers a natural-looking, streak-free golden tan that lasts for
up to 24 hours—or until you decide to wash it off. Containing RAINMAC technology with silicon coated pigments, it ensures color will not streak or run even when wet. The advanced formula does not transfer onto clothes or sheets, but can be easily removed with just soap and water. Skin is left smooth, hydrated, and perfectly luminous.

A choice of two shades ensures a perfect finish to suit all skintones: light/medium for St. Tropez classic golden glow or medium/dark for the ultimate deep bronze.


So, why is this product fabulous?

The sunkissed glow this product creates only lasts up to 24 hours so if committing to a bronze for a few weeks isn’t for you, this product is perfect!


We love these products and we hope you do too!

What self-tanners have you used? Comment and tell us, we’d love to know! Be sure to check out Team Fab on Facebook, too!


Picture Perfect Makeup, Everytime

A television anchor’s job is to deliver the day’s news with poise and confidence. You too can capture the same camera-ready makeup delivered by #TeamFab at local TV stations, weddings and even in their own silly selfies.

I regularly train the anchors and reporters from WNYT News Channel 13 in Albany and Time Warner Cable News in Albany, Syracuse, and Buffalo. Normally, I spend ninety minutes with each on-air personality, teaching them how to apply camera-ready makeup for high-definition televisions and cameras.

Alayne Curtiss Makeup Artist/Make Me Fabulous

Photo Credit Kevin Demassio Photography

HD cameras can see six times sharper than the human eye, showing every pore, every blemish, every fine line, every mismatched shade. Makeup should cover imperfections while still appearing natural to avoid the appearance of makeup that is caked-on.

Today, I’m going to dive into my makeup bag, show you what’s inside so you can be ready for any photo opp, anytime!

Skin care and preparation:

  1. Wax, tweeze, and shave regularly to remove unwanted hair from eyebrows, nose and lip-area.
  2. Gently exfoliate the face and neck area to remove dead skin cells often.
  3. Steam the face to help soften fine lines and increase circulation, then follow with a moisturizer. Easily  done in the shower.

Must-have tools to keep in your bag:

  1. An eyelash/eyebrow comb, to make sure lashes are free of clumps and brows are neatly shaped.
  2. Tweezers, for last-minute hair removal.
  3. Lip exfoliator and moisturizer
  4. Blotting papers, to help absorb oil without compromising the makeup.
  5. Primers, which are silicone formulas to help to fill-in fine lines and blur imperfections. Investing in a good primer makes it easier to apply foundation and help it last longer.

One of the foundations lines we use commercially at Make Me Fabulous for high definition work  is FACE atlier, a popular brand on many television sets. According to their website, FACE atelier “was the official makeup sponsor for Kelly Clarkson and her 2012 Stronger Tour, Madonna’s Confessions Tour, and regularly supports New York Fashion Week events.”

Now, I want to share my best tips with you when working for  a high definition medium:

  1. Concealers- should be only one to two shades lighter than skin tone. I love the new Bare Skin Concealers from bareMinerals.
  2. Foundation- should use fine micronized optical correctors that sit on the skin rather than settling into lines and crevices. Mix your foundation and concealer on the back of your hand. This will warm it and allow it to melt into your skin more easily.
  3. Blush- Cream appears more natural and three-dimensional. My favorites are from Stila in shades of Lilium and Gerbera with a pop of powder blush on the apple of the cheek.
  4. HD Setting powder. Super fine texture, use sparingly.
  5. Eyeliner- Black, Charcoal, and Dark Brown work best with most shadow colors.
  6. Eye Shadow- Limit color choice to two or three shades and avoid heavy shimmer. Matte and pearl finishes work best. Try The Enlightenment and Vanilla Sugar from bareMinerals or Puppy and Cocoa from Stila.
  7. Mascara- Use mascara with a separating brush that lengthens, thickens, and separates each lash. Black or brown work best for HD. Don’t apply too much mascara on the lower lashes or you will have raccoon eyes.
  8. Lip Liner- Pick a color one shade darker than your natural lip color. 
  9. Lipstick- Should bring the look together. Warm tones work best when they aren’t too matte or too shiny.
  10. Lip Gloss- Choose a lightly tinted gloss and apply to the center of the top and bottom lip. I like to avoid gloss that is heavily sparkled. I really, really like Marvelous Moxie shades in Party Starter and High Roller from bareMinerals to brighten the entire face.


    Marvelous Moxie, High Roller at Make Me Fabulous, 32 Front St., Ballston Spa, NY.

One more tip for when you know you are going in front of the camera lens:  watch pinks which most often will turn orange or appear brighter on camera. We recommend warm shades of reds or corals rather than cool shades of reds or pinks.

There you have it! Try a few of my tips and tell me what you think next time you are in the shop!

–Alayne Curtiss, Owner and Commercial Stylist at Make Me Fabulous

Milady’s First Edition Makeup Artist Training Textbook (A division of Delmar Publishing and Cengage Learning) was referenced for this article. Alayne  Curtiss was a contributor and assistant producer to the publication and accompanying training video.

Milady Standard/Make Me Fabulous Ballston Spa, NY

Want to see more of #TeamFab’s favorite looks? Look for them on Pinterest here:

Skinsorials: The Must-Have Three-Part Beauty Ritual

Skinsorials/Make Me Fabulous

We are so excited about the arrival of a brand new skincare line on the shelves at Make Me Fabulous, bareMinerals’ Skinsorials.

We are experts at helping you look fabulous. It’s what we do and looking your flawless best starts with healthy, clean, moisturized skin.


bareMinerals promises, the Skinsorials three-part beauty routine is filled with what your skin craves: gorgeous textures, naturally derived scents and effective ingredients.

With a formulation for every skin type, Skinsorials has you covered during every step of the ritual.

  1. Purify– Choose from five formulations: Pure Plush, a gentle, deep cleansing foam ($22, Make Me Fabulous); Clay Chameleon, a transforming, purifying cleanser ($22, Make Me Fabulous); Oil Obsessed, a total cleansing oil ($30, Make Me Fabulous); or Blemish Remedy, an acne treatment gelee’ cleanser ($20, Make Me Fabulous.)
  2. EmpowerSkinlongevity serum to enhance the healthy look and feel of your skin ($48, Make Me Fabulous.)
  3. Moisturize– Choose from four formulations: True Oasis, an oil-free replenishing gel cream ($32, Make Me Fabulous); Smart Combination, a smoothing, lightweight emulsion ($35, Make Me Fabulous); Bare Haven, Essential Moisturizing Soft Cream ($35, Make Me Fabulous); and Butter Drench, restorative rich cream ($38, Make Me Fabulous.)

Check out this informative video for a more in-depth look at the specific formulations available from bareMinerals’ Skinsorials for purifying, empowering and moisturizing your skin.

Fabulous skin awaits with Skinsorials, now available at Make Me Fabulous!

Make Me Fabulous Signature Facial: Even our facial gets the MMF twist! Our Signature Facial is fully customized to your unique skin type and concerns because everyone’s skin should be treated as individual as they are. Using Bare Minerals Skincare, Philosophy or Image Skincare, our facials include: a deep cleanse, exfoliation, hand and arm massage, expert skin analysis, extractions, facial massage, masque, neck and shoulder massage, and ending with moisturizer and eye cream. We hope you leave us feeling refreshed and Fabulous! (1 Hour only $75)

Call for an appointment today! (518)885-2929

Toasting a new Partnership with bareMinerals

is celebrating today and we can barely contain our excitement–we are looking forward to toasting our very own Alayne Curtiss on a fabulous honor! Out of all of the spa clients in the state of New York, bareMinerals has chosen Alayne as one of only two ambassadors in the entire state.

It’s no secret, Alayne and all of #teamfab adore using bareMinerals at Make Me Fabulous and on photo shoots. MMF has been part of the bare Minerals spa division for more than ten years.

We chose this makeup and skincare line because we love that the products contain a minimal amount of ingredients, benefit the condition of your skin, and just plain wear well. On top of that, there are no parabens, no unnatural fragrances, and no dyes. bareMinerals looks so fabulous on, is so healthy for your skin, using and selling it to our valued clients is really an easy choice.bareMineralslogo

As an ambassador, Alayne will receive insider information from the world-class product development and education teams at bareMinerals, sneak peeks at future launches and will be first to try products by bareMinerals, before they hit the market.

In fact, because of her expertise in the field of skincare and beauty, she will actually take part in the development of innovative, new bareMinerals products.

Going forward, Alayne will work directly with other ambassadors across the country and the corporate team at bareMinerals. She will test and try products, analyze them based on feel, texture, smell, performance and packaging. Then, with other ambassadors, will dial in to the corporate weekly conference call to share feedback, stories, and experiences. bareMinerals will listen and make changes based on these recommendations.

Bottom line— Alayne will be collaborating and working with the corporation to ensure they are producing products you, our fabulous clients, need and want.

We think you’ll agree with Alayne who finds the ambassador program a testament to bare Minerals’ commitment to its customers. In her expert opinion, it means they want to listen to your desires when it comes to makeup and skincare. It’s also a testament to the longstanding relationship Alayne and Make Me Fabulous hold with bare Minerals and their recognition of her expertise in the industry.

As an ambassador, Alayne will be “on the inside,” privy to top secret information about exciting new products. Of course, she’s been sworn to secrecy on the details, but is sharing her first project: the relaunch of the entire skin care line at bare Minerals! That’s an undertaking she’s excited to dive into.

Cheers to the newly refurbished bare Minerals skin care line, which will of course be available at Make Me Fabulous, 32 Front Street, Ballston Spa, NY this January, 2016.

You can be assured each and every product that rolls out will bear not only the bare Minerals logo, but Alayne’s stamp of approval. We’re sure you’ll agree, it is simply fabulous!