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What is #TEAMFAB

At Make Me Fabulous, you’ve probably noticed a different vibe as soon as you walk in.  You’ll find us smiling and greeting all our customers. You’ll find team members helping each other in order to stay on schedule and deliver a better experience for you. In fact, it’s not uncommon for you to receive services from one, two or even three people before you leave. It’s all part of our purpose of making your day even better.  You are about to learn our secret to FABULOUS! Are you ready? Here it is: We don’t pay commission. Not on service sales and not on product sales.

We have spent more than 2 years researching and developing our system to be different and more enjoyable. How, you ask? We compensate all of our staff by salary, a very nice salary. This means no matter what’s going on, whether they are booked or not, they are getting paid. By compensating our staff on what’s known as a “Team Based” system, it allows us to function more efficiently and provide flexibility and services based on our customers’  schedules, not ours.  Can’t get into your favorite stylist at 6 pm on a Thursday after work,  try out any one of our Angela’s or one of our new and fresh “mini muffins,” Jessie or Kendra.  Go for it! We don’t mind. We actually encourage it!  Your previous formula is always on file.  Do you love Suzie’s perfect lip color combinations and Lauren’s cateye liner.  Get them both before a Friday night out!  How about finally experiencing Alayne’s perfectly shaped eyebrows while your haircolor is processing.  Just say the word! Oh and if you haven’t experienced Courtney’s eyelash extensions, now is the time!!

We are all here to ensure every guest’s day is being made, everyday, all day when YOU need us the most. This also allows us to give our staff regularly scheduled time off  and paid vacations and eliminates the “burn out,” which is so common in our industry.  One of our stylists actually cried when she heard she would be receiving  a paid vacation next year,  because she hasn’t had one in more than 3 years! Our team based system also allows our staff to get out from “behind the chair” from time to time to take additional education classes while our clients and guests are still able to receive services from team members “manning the fort.”

What about the products we recommend?  When our staff is recommending a product, it’s because they truly believe it’s the best product for you, not because they’re trying to make commission on the sale. So next time you feel like switching it up a little, just let us know.  After all, variety is the spice of life!  And, having all the talents of all our team members is always at your beckon call.  That’s FABULOUS!  That’s #TEAMFAB!




Our Top 6 Favorite Beauty Tools! Love, #teamfab

The girls and I at Make Me Fabulous decided to sit down one morning and share the beauty tools that we just can’t live without. We came up with a list of products, that glam up our styling, to create flawless results and now YOU can make your everyday routine just as FAB.

We hope you enjoy our favorite beauty tools as much as we do!

Here are our Top 6:

The Wet Brush ($9.99)Our Top 6 Favorite Beauty Tools! Love, #teamfab Make Me Fabulous, Ballston Spa, NY

  • The Wet Brush’s IntelliFlex® bristles are super thin, strong and flexible. These bristles will glide through any hair type combing out tangles effortlessly. The bristles’ flexibility enables protective and pain-free detangling while the SofTips™ on the very top of the bristles massage the scalp to stimulate circulation at the follicle.

So, why does #teamfab love it?

  • There is less pulling/nagging/breaking when brushed through wet hair.
  • Works great for both thick and thin hair.

Olivia Garden #84/3.5” Round Brush ($17.96)

  • LatestOur Top 6 Favorite Beauty Tools! Love, #teamfab Make Me Fabulous, Ballston Spa, NY Ceramic Technology- Ceramic coated barrel, heats up faster & retains heat longer, faster & better styling.
  • Tourmaline Ion Technology- Hydrates the cuticle, adds more shine to the hair, eliminates frizz & flyaways. Soft-tip bristles, gentle on hair & scalp.
  • Unique Patented Design- 100% Seamless body, absolutely snag-free, retractable sectioning pick, lightweight for effortless styling.

Angela, Senior Hair Team Leader, loves this product because:

  • The ceramic barrel evenly distributes hair to give a lot of volume and soft waves.
  • This brush has a smooth barrel so it doesn’t pull on hair but still provides the grip needed for a smooth blow out with a little bit of wave.
  • Creates smooth and shiny hair.

 Style Edit Hair Powder ($20.00) and Spray ($11.00)Our Top 6 Favorite Beauty Tools! Love, #teamfab Make Me Fabulous, Ballston Spa, NY

  • This instant, temporary gray root touch-up spray covers fading roots, extending the life of color between salon visits. The unique pin point applicator targets the areas that need a temporary color boost. It also fills in thinner areas on the scalp.

Our Top 6 Favorite Beauty Tools! Love, #teamfab Make Me Fabulous, Ballston Spa, NYSo, why does #teamfab love it?

  • These products are great to cover any unwanted grays in between visits.
  • Perfect if you’re short on time and can’t get to the salon but still want to look fabulous without covering grays with boxed dye.
  • Temporary dye that is easy to wash out.
  • Waterproof
  • Great for men and women for filling in thinning hair lines and part lines.

Bare Skin Foundation Brush with Well ($28.00)

  • The transfo71184-0rmation begins when you buff our Perfecting Face Brush onto skin. Engineered with a unique fluid reservoir, this brush allows for no-mess foundation application, directly from bottle to brush. Uniquely designed for bareSkin Foundation, this must-have tool lets you adjust your  coverage-to the drop-for a perfectly seamless application.

Susan, our Senior Makeup Artist, loves this brush because:

  • It controls the amount of product used so none is being wasted.
  • This brush blends any foundation perfectly.
  • It has the right amount of fibers to get flawless coverage with any foundation.

 St. Tropez Tanning Mitt ($6.00)st_tropez_selvbruner_handske_paaforing_billigparfume_dk__30780

  • Applicator mitt ensures an even tan with no messy tan residue left on hands. These applicators give even and smooth results. The water-resistant barrier ensures fingers remain unstained as you glide on your St. Tropez product.

Why do I love it?

  • The inexpensive price.
  • The product can be placed directly on the mitt so your hands don’t absorb the product- the product is not wasted, and your hands won’t turn orange!
  • The self-tanner is blended beautifully.
  • The mitts are reusable:
  • There are smaller sizes for face and smaller areas.

False Eyelashes in Andrea 43 ($3.00) or Ardell Babies ($4.00)

  • yhst-88462588038071_2420_519710930Andrea 43– Made from 100% sterile human hair. The Andrea ModLash collection is used worldwide by celebrity make-up artists, celebrities, fashionistas & models to create beautiful and glamourous looks. Each pair of lashes can be used up to three weeks.51PisX64BUL._SY355_
  • Ardell Babies- These lashes feature an invisible, lightweight band that connects the hair strands to form a strip that ensures secure corners. They are knotted and feathered by hand for perfect uniformity, absolute comfort and an outstanding natural look.

Lauren, Senior Makeup Artist and Special Events Coordinator says:

  • Both products are the perfect shape for most eye shapes and  lashes.
  • Natural looking- not too long and not too heavy.
  • Can be bought for under $5
  • They look like your own lashes only better!

I love this list and hope you do, too! Be Fabulous ladies…until next week 🙂

–Alayne Curtiss, Owner of Make Me Fabulous

What beauty items are your “must-have’s”? Comment and tell us, we’d love to know! Be sure to check out Team Fab on Facebook, too!

Jessie Hajduk’s Beautiful Blowouts

JesseAs a little girl playing dress up, then a teenager in charge of hair and makeup for friends for special events, Jessie Hajduk has always known making people beautiful would be her life.

“It was inevitable. I’ve been doing makeup since I was two. I had friends over and did their makeup. I thought they looked beautiful… I did their hair. I did my own color. When it came to ‘What am I going to do with my life?’ It was obvious- I’ll go to beauty school. It was a no-brainer.”

Ten years after graduating from Orlo Beauty School, you’ll find Jessie at Make Me Fabulous, a round brush in one hand and a blow dryer in the other, proud of and known for her fabulous blow-outs.

“The curlier the hair, the more challenging. I ask myself, ‘How can I get this as straight as possible?”

Makeup is another of Jessie’s passions, a skill she pulls out of her bag in a big way on Halloween.

I specialize in special effects makeup, which isn’t really needed many other times of the year than Halloween… I can make you look like a zombie that’s falling to pieces, or I can make you look as beautiful as you want.”

Jessie credits her pursuit of the beauty industry and success so far to her mom, whom she says not only encouraged her but constantly provided her with loads of samples.

I had Caboodle kits upon Caboodle kits filled with makeup…. She was always very liberal with what I did with my hair and makeup… She was the one who said I should consider going to beauty school… She helped me through it, with the loans and all the stuff that goes with it. She was definitely the motivator behind it.”

Jessie officially joined Make Me Fabulous this year after freelancing and working with Alayne on the Milady brand teaching resources. She has experience with three salons and feels like she has finally found the place she should be.

I absolutely love it. The girls are such team players, and everyone helps out. Coming on as the newbie can be scary but they all made me feel welcome and accepted me as one of their own. Everyone is so sweet and so different in their own ways and everyone gets along. It’s a nice atmosphere. I love going to work every day.”

As for working with Alayne, Jessie echoes the sentiments all of the girls with #teamfab have stated.

So far I’ve learned an ungodly amount from her in the past two months. I was a Goldwell color tech so now switching to Schwarzkopf is different… Alayne is helping me relearn color and their makeup line… I’ve already learned so much. She’s a really good teacher. She makes you feel confident and comfortable with it… She’s very nurturing.”

Instagram and social media are also sources of inspiration for Jessie. She never tires of opening the aps and browsing the beautiful pictures of fellow artists.

Just to see everyone’s different styles… I follow everyone from beauty bloggers to fashion bloggers to special effects to face painters, photographers and art. It’s all over the board. It’s a wide variety of inspiration I take from everywhere.”

Jessie’s personal style tends to be funky and fun mixed with a touch of Boho. She lives in Troy with what she calls her fur babies, her cats Loki and Morrison (Yes, she admits, after Jim Morrison from The Doors.) When she’s not making others beautiful at Make Me Fabulous she practices special effects makeup on herself and hangs out with close friends and family. In the summer, she relishes hanging out on the porch reading a book.

We think Jessie is fabulous and are thrilled she’s part of #teamfab!

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Picture Perfect Makeup, Everytime

A television anchor’s job is to deliver the day’s news with poise and confidence. You too can capture the same camera-ready makeup delivered by #TeamFab at local TV stations, weddings and even in their own silly selfies.

I regularly train the anchors and reporters from WNYT News Channel 13 in Albany and Time Warner Cable News in Albany, Syracuse, and Buffalo. Normally, I spend ninety minutes with each on-air personality, teaching them how to apply camera-ready makeup for high-definition televisions and cameras.

Alayne Curtiss Makeup Artist/Make Me Fabulous

Photo Credit Kevin Demassio Photography

HD cameras can see six times sharper than the human eye, showing every pore, every blemish, every fine line, every mismatched shade. Makeup should cover imperfections while still appearing natural to avoid the appearance of makeup that is caked-on.

Today, I’m going to dive into my makeup bag, show you what’s inside so you can be ready for any photo opp, anytime!

Skin care and preparation:

  1. Wax, tweeze, and shave regularly to remove unwanted hair from eyebrows, nose and lip-area.
  2. Gently exfoliate the face and neck area to remove dead skin cells often.
  3. Steam the face to help soften fine lines and increase circulation, then follow with a moisturizer. Easily  done in the shower.

Must-have tools to keep in your bag:

  1. An eyelash/eyebrow comb, to make sure lashes are free of clumps and brows are neatly shaped.
  2. Tweezers, for last-minute hair removal.
  3. Lip exfoliator and moisturizer
  4. Blotting papers, to help absorb oil without compromising the makeup.
  5. Primers, which are silicone formulas to help to fill-in fine lines and blur imperfections. Investing in a good primer makes it easier to apply foundation and help it last longer.

One of the foundations lines we use commercially at Make Me Fabulous for high definition work  is FACE atlier, a popular brand on many television sets. According to their website, FACE atelier “was the official makeup sponsor for Kelly Clarkson and her 2012 Stronger Tour, Madonna’s Confessions Tour, and regularly supports New York Fashion Week events.”

Now, I want to share my best tips with you when working for  a high definition medium:

  1. Concealers- should be only one to two shades lighter than skin tone. I love the new Bare Skin Concealers from bareMinerals.
  2. Foundation- should use fine micronized optical correctors that sit on the skin rather than settling into lines and crevices. Mix your foundation and concealer on the back of your hand. This will warm it and allow it to melt into your skin more easily.
  3. Blush- Cream appears more natural and three-dimensional. My favorites are from Stila in shades of Lilium and Gerbera with a pop of powder blush on the apple of the cheek.
  4. HD Setting powder. Super fine texture, use sparingly.
  5. Eyeliner- Black, Charcoal, and Dark Brown work best with most shadow colors.
  6. Eye Shadow- Limit color choice to two or three shades and avoid heavy shimmer. Matte and pearl finishes work best. Try The Enlightenment and Vanilla Sugar from bareMinerals or Puppy and Cocoa from Stila.
  7. Mascara- Use mascara with a separating brush that lengthens, thickens, and separates each lash. Black or brown work best for HD. Don’t apply too much mascara on the lower lashes or you will have raccoon eyes.
  8. Lip Liner- Pick a color one shade darker than your natural lip color. 
  9. Lipstick- Should bring the look together. Warm tones work best when they aren’t too matte or too shiny.
  10. Lip Gloss- Choose a lightly tinted gloss and apply to the center of the top and bottom lip. I like to avoid gloss that is heavily sparkled. I really, really like Marvelous Moxie shades in Party Starter and High Roller from bareMinerals to brighten the entire face.


    Marvelous Moxie, High Roller at Make Me Fabulous, 32 Front St., Ballston Spa, NY.

One more tip for when you know you are going in front of the camera lens:  watch pinks which most often will turn orange or appear brighter on camera. We recommend warm shades of reds or corals rather than cool shades of reds or pinks.

There you have it! Try a few of my tips and tell me what you think next time you are in the shop!

–Alayne Curtiss, Owner and Commercial Stylist at Make Me Fabulous

Milady’s First Edition Makeup Artist Training Textbook (A division of Delmar Publishing and Cengage Learning) was referenced for this article. Alayne  Curtiss was a contributor and assistant producer to the publication and accompanying training video.

Milady Standard/Make Me Fabulous Ballston Spa, NY

Want to see more of #TeamFab’s favorite looks? Look for them on Pinterest here:

Blemishes Beware! Blemish Remedy is Here!

There’s no doubt about it— dealing with blemished skin can be disheartening and challenging. If this is one of your skin woes, you’re not alone. Many of our clients suffer with blemished-prone skin. As skincare and makeup experts, #teamfab has a bagful of tools and tricks of the trade to erase your blemishes and help make you camera ready.

bareMinerals’ Blemish Remedy line is one of our favorite new tools! The best news is it’s available in our Make Me Fabulous boutique for you to daily manage your blemished skin at home.

Blemish Remedy is a four step skincare system designed to diminish the look of redness and imperfections and promote clearer, healthy looking skin.

Blemish Remedy
Begin and end day with the Blemish Remedy Acne Treatment Gelee Cleanser which uses peppermint and ginger extract to help dissolve makeup and keep skin clear. It is formulated to treat existing blemishes and help prevent future breakouts by delivering salicylic acid to your pores.

Blemish Remedy/Make Me Fabulous

After you cleanse, count on bareMinerals’ Blemish Remedy Mattifying Prep Gel to prepare your skin for a flawless makeup application.

It works like a primer, featuring oil-absorbing minerals like Aspen Bark, Tea Tree Oil and a Peptide Complex to help reduce the risk of shine and keep skin flawless and fresh. Spread it evenly over your skin before you apply foundation for the look of a perfectly smooth, clear complexion.

Blemish RemedyNext, apply Blemish Remedy Foundation using the specially designed seamless buffing brush to help reduce the look of shine. In studies, one hundred percent of women experienced significant reduction in skin oil in six weeks. To apply, simply dip the buffing brush into the mesh filter, swirl, tap, and buff the powder onto your skin for medium to full, flawless coverage. This dermatologist tested foundation gives your skin that beautiful look bareMinerals is known for, while the weightless coverage diminishes the look of pore size and redness without drying out your skin.

Blemish Remedy Concealer/Make Me Fabulous

Finally, finish with Blemish Remedy Concealer, also formulated with Aspen Bark, Tea Tree Oil and Peptide Complex to help promote clearer, healthier-looking skin.

Just dot the concealer onto your blemishes and any areas that need coverage to neutralize the look of redness. The concealer also features a built-in sharpener that keeps the twist-up pencil ready for a targeted, fuss-free application.

We’ve included a special video straight from bareMinerals – watch and see for yourself just how effective the bareMinerals Blemish Remedy line is on blemished skin, and how it can help even problem skin look… simply fabulous!

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Embracing Curly Hair

 Curly Hair/Make Me Fabulous

Embracing Curly Hair

Frizzy, unmanageable, dry, — when we hear you say these words in despair, we know immediately you are talking about your curls. We know all about that love-hate relationship. It’s been brewing since the beginning of hair styles. Many of us on #TeamFab experience the very same battles with our own curly hair. In fact, about seventy-percent of you have some type of curl pattern, whether it be loose, classic, tight, or kinky.

We’ve always been able to steer you through the battlefield, cutting and moisturizing and styling until you emerge from our chairs triumphant over the challenges only a curly-haired person faces. That’s why you keep coming back to Make Me Fabulous.
Now we have a new arsenal in our aprons and on our shelves— a shiny, brand new certification from the Queen of the curl herself, Ouidad. Curly Hair/Make Me FabulousThis curl hair expert is an internationally-renowned stylist, salon owner, author and global educator. She is the pioneer of the curly hair industry, working on and refining her specialized cutting and styling techniques and award-winning product line for more than thirty years.

This fall, the Ouidad team visited Make Me Fabulous and trained #TeamFab in the Ouidad styling technique. We discovered the beauty of using just the right products. Because curly hair frizzes when it is dry, it needs extra moisture.

Curly Hair/Make Me Fabulous

Ouidad Curl Quencher  Moisturizing Shampoo, $18 at Make Me Fabulous

It all starts with the right shampoo. Ouidad targets each specific curly hair need, from dry to frizzy, with a variety of shampoos. Our favorite is the Curl Quencher Moisturizing Shampoo ($18 for 8.5 oz at Make Me Fabulous.)


Curly Hair/Make Me Fabulous

Ouidad Melt-Down Mask, $14 at Make Me Fabulous

The Melt-down Mask by Ouidad is an easy fix to the frizzies and feels oh-so luxurious ($14, 2oz. at Make Me Fabulous.) The special blend of oils and nutrients envelopes the hair shaft to nourish and protect hair, promoting health and prevent future damage. You’ll fall in love with the melt-down technology that is a cozy, warm treat as you lie in our shampoo bowl or apply for yourself at home.

Follow with one of a variety of conditioners, each formulated to target your specific need. We are big fans of Ouidad’s Whipped Curls ($26 at Make Me Fabulous,) which goes to work both conditioning and priming so it restores the natural curl pattern and encourages bouncy, defined, frizz-free curls as it holds the moisture all day long.

After the in-salon course, Alayne and Angela Nadine packed their scissors, grabbed a pair of lattes and took a road trip to New York City for the final stages of this intense training. They spent two days fervently learning from the experts, practicing and testing. They learned how to puzzle and intertwine and lay the curls properly into place. They learned to cut all four types of curls, each with their own unique set of challenges. They learned to embrace their own curls, and were taught how to enhance the curls of our clients. They came home with the coveted Ouidad certification under their pretty leather belts. Make Me Fabulous is now one of only two salons in the entire Capital Region to hold this distinction.

When she walked back into Make Me Fabulous after that intense training with Ouidad, Alayne described the experience as an “Aha!” moment, saying she is now more than 100-percent confident when working with curly hair. #TeamFab is ready for you, curly haired beauties. We will help you embrace your curls with our specialized cutting, styling and product line. We promise you will go home looking fabulous!

How to Create the Perfect Holiday Updo

’Tis the season for festive, holiday hair. Whether you’re on the fundraising and charity event circuit or plan to attend family and office parties, there’s nothing that says, “celebrate” like an updo. It can be as simple as a pony tail or as elaborate as you choose. It has the power to convey your style as chic,’ trendy, cool, classic or a combination of all of the above.

Think about a few of the award shows you’ve seen on television recently. Most celebrities wouldn’t think of hitting the red carpet without pulling back their hair. In photos, it opens the face and eliminates the

Kendall Jenner Updo

Kendall Jenner photo found at

distraction of hair hanging down in front.

Our stylists at Make Me Fabulous are talking about Kendall Jenner’s hair in this photo. It is arranged to purposely appear a bit “messy.” A few strands are pulled-out around Kendall’s face, framing her beautiful features and exuding sexy and chic’.

At the shop or on location, updos are our “thing.” Wkeeddings, proms, parties and photo shoots inspire us and fill us with the desire to share our creative flair with you. Our stylists just adore  designing your masterpieces.

Because the holidays fill us with generosity, #teamfab has collaborated with our friends at Bumble and bumble and pulled together a few tips we’d like to share with you on creating your own holiday hair style at home.


  1. Spritz Bumble and bumble’s Surf Spray evenly into dry hair for grip and texture.
  2. Massage Bumble and bumble’s Prêt-a’-powder from roots to ends for added volume.
  3. Part hair in the center, and create texture on either side of the head with fingers or a by wrapping strands around a large curling iron.
  4. For a slightly undone feel, around the hairline.  run your fingers through the hair and pull out a few pieces around the face and smooth with a flat iron.
  5. Pin the ends of the hair in a messy bun above the nape.
  6. Dress in your finest and hit your next holiday party with the confidence of the stars!
  7. Finish with any one of our favorite hair sprays to keep your “do” going as long as you do. Try Does It All which gives soft hold and shine.

For tips on other fabulous holiday ‘do’s, check out Bumble and bumble’s website.

Go ahead and give it a shot. You can pick up your own Surf Spray or Prêt-a’-powder right here at Make Me Fabulous. Afterward, leave us a note in the comments section and tell us how it worked for you or tag us in your Facebook post with a picture of your gorgeous ‘do.

Our stylists always welcome your visits, too. Set up an appointment and let us help you look fabulous for your next fancy or special event.

Take a Sneak Peek at what we have happening for New Year’s Eve style, too! CLICK HERE


Ask Alayne: The Perfect Part

“Alayne, I have been analyzing my photos recently and am wondering if I need to change-up where I part my hair. It’s on the left side right now but I’m wondering if I should go closer to the middle. How do I determine the perfect part?” — Jackie, Clifton Park

Alayne says: Jackie, the beauty of it is, there really is no “perfect” part. Thanks to a wealth of styling products available, we have so many styling options. When a client sits in my chair at Make Me Fabulous, we talk about what is happening with her hair. It’s actually normal to find breakage on the side where you typically part your hair.

Ask Alayne Curtiss: The Perfect Part at Make Me FabulousThink about it— we consistently work with one side to “go” that certain way. We apply heat, we blow-dry, we flat iron, we curl, we brush. When I see this breakage, I’ll often recommend switching the part.Just because you chose to part your hair a certain way five or ten or forty years ago does not mean you are stuck with that part for your entire life. I switch my part every six months. Moving it around gives you more fullness and gives the weakened side an opportunity to grow out because you’re not applying as much heat and working with it constantly.

When I consult with a Make Me Fabulous bride, we play with the part line. It’s long been said, the best looking place to put it is at the high point of the brow. So I take out my long-handled comb and we start there. Then we check it out in the mirror, we snap a few photos. We may extend the part. We may switch sides. We may move it to the middle. It’s really all about the client’s comfort level.

Though there is no “wrong” way to part it, here are a few other details to keep in mind when choosing your part:

— A deeper part will offer a dressier, more formal look.
— A less drastic or middle part will provide a more casual look.
— Part in the opposite direction of a widow’s peak to add height.
— Part in the direction of a widow’s peak to add a softer, flatter look.

Keep in mind, when you first move the part or cut your bangs, you and your hair will have an adjustment period of about two weeks. It may be a bit more of a struggle to convince it to lay right at first, but the proper products will make the transition easier.

At Make Me Fabulous, we use Bumble and bumble’s styling lotion (available at the shop for $29) for new parts, styles or cowlicks. It gives the hair more weight and holds it in place until it remembers where exactly you are redirecting it.
Bumble and Bumble Styling Lotion at Make Me Fabulous, Ballston Spa, NY

As we’re still working through the style, we’ll use a softer spray like Bumble and bumble does it all ( also available at the shop for $29) or Schwarzkopf’s OSIS+ Elastic.
(only $19.)B02K_95x150

To finish and really hold that look in place, we’ll use Schwarzkopf’s OSIS+ Freeze (Available at MMF for $19).

Osis Elastic at Make Me Fabulous Ballston Spa, NY

It’s exhilarating to think about all of the options you have. It’s up to you and #teamfab to make sure you pick one that makes you look… simply fabulous!

Do you have a fool proof part? A style to show? Tag us on  Make Me Fabulous Ballston Spa Instagram  #makemefabny and show off your Fab!