A Message From Alayne Curtiss

Dear Colleagues, Clients, Family and Friends,

As you may know I have been in the wedding and beauty business for over twenty five years. I’ve worked in various capacities over the years including bridal, salon and commercial styling.  

I wanted to go on record and let all friends and colleagues know the truth simultaneously. Former staff began to spread rumors and fabricated apocryphal stories that implied alleged activities by me that NEVER existed. In addition, they promised unsustainable commission rates to solicit trained staff and clients away to build a competing business that had been in the works for months. These false rumors and promises caused several employees of Make Me Fabulous to “walk out” without notice one week prior to bridal season 2018. All brides and clients affected were notified immediately and placed with new beauty vendors personally by me or their deposits were returned in full. 

 I never saw, witnessed, experienced or took part in anything nefarious in relation to any clients or affiliated vendors, I serviced EVER!  I have been nothing but a dedicated wife, mother, and business owner for over 25 years. I apologize to anyone who was lead to believe that they were at anytime in any type of danger.  There never was any indication that myself or staff were ever in danger, or harms way. This tactic is used in our industry by seasoned stylists to be sure that their clients and stylists follow them to their new endeavor and it also negates their employment agreements from holding up in court. 

I am determined to not let these events spoil my long standing career and livelihood in the beauty business. Loyal employees, customers and colleagues have been extremely supportive throughout this ordeal and I’d like to personally thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. Because of your support I will survive this and come out better for it. I will continue on, as always, to work hard, do good and make the world a more beautiful place!

Instead of dwelling on wrongful accusations and hateful attacks to myself, family, children, marriage, reputation, and business, I’ve launched my own line of cosmetics called Alayne Curtiss Bridal Beauty.  A percentage of the proceeds will go to a charity called “Project GRL” which  provides guidance, respect and love to  girls and women suffering from sexual abuse and sex trafficking. My newly launched products will be all of my favorites to create the “perfect face” as I have been inspired to do for more than 25 years. Watch for a  launch party and lots of samples coming soon!

I have also created a new website at alaynecurtiss.com which will feature my years of  beautiful brides, and also sell  our products online. My remaining team and I have refocused our efforts to rebuild MMF here at our 30 Lake Avenue location. We have reduced our trial session wedding pricing, expanded our curly hair services, massage, aesthetics, blow-dry bar and nail services. We are working closely with community organizations and the management of the Pavilion Grand to create meaningful events and packages. We are hiring and training new staff members and developing more thorough employment agreements and on-boarding training for new hires to better protect our business, clients and existing staff. We currently have 10+ trained staff and independent contractors on board.  I assure you that my commitment to the beauty industry is as solid as ever.  I appreciate your loyal support and look forward to many more years of working with you.


Owner, Make Me Fabulous