Angela Barnes-Fitzgerald's Blonde Ambition

Angela Barnes-Fitzgerald's Magic Weapon
Angela Barnes-Fitzgerald’, Make Me Fabulous, 32 Front Street, Ballston Spa, NY. Photo by Chelsea Ahl Photography

A bottle of blonding cream is Angela Barnes-Fitzgerald’s magic weapon. In her hands, it’s the ultimate tool for taking a client’s hair from drab to fabulous.

“I love highlighting. I like the transformation. I like the end result. I love to make people blonde.”

Angela is our newest addition to Make Me Fabulous on Front Street in Ballston Spa. She graduated from The Educational Opportunity Center in Troy and started her hair career fifteen years ago, leaving an office job behind. She says her mom helped her realize her dream.

“I didn’t like sitting at a desk. I waitressed three jobs and put myself through hair school. My mom and my father were my biggest sources of encouragement. They always told me, you can do whatever you want in life as long as you work hard…. I’ve always had a passion for doing hair. I’ve been cutting and coloring my mom’s hair since I was thirteen years old. My mom pushed me and I’ve been doing it ever since. I owe it to my mom, who stood by me while I followed my dream. I like being artistic. I just love it.”

Angela worked in two other salons before knocking on Alayne’s door. One year later, she’s thrilled she made the move to Make Me Fabulous, a warm-hearted, enthusiastic addition to #teamfab.

“I felt like I was stale in the industry and wanted a change. I wanted to work in my hometown and Alayne did weddings and that was one of my favorite things to do. Alayne is a great artist. I want to work with people that inspire me, like she does.”

Inspiration is high on Angela’s priority list, saying #teamfab is one of many reasons she feels such passion for working at Make Me Fabulous.

“I do photo shoots with Suzie and Lauren and weddings with Alayne… We teach each other things. She’ll teach me something and I’ll teach her, like how to do the Phillip Wilson Twin Comb technique. We feed off of each other. Alayne is very positive, inspiring, upbeat, personal and most of all a very, very genuine person.”

Angela raves about the culture at Make Me Fabulous and the huge impact her experience there has had on her life.

“When I was younger I was always shy and quiet. Doing hair and working with Alayne made me self-confident. it gave me a whole new respect. I feel like Alayne gave me that. I didn’t have that. All the girls gave me that self confidence that I could achieve anything, do anything… There’s no negativity here whatsoever. It’s always positive. With #teamfab it’s not about the individual. We are literally a team. It’s not ‘I am Alayne,’ it’s ‘These are my girls and they’re fabulous.’”

IMG_7872 (1)Working with brides and creating up-dos for the bride and bridal party are also high on Angela’s list of favorite things about her career.

“I love the artistic nature of it. I love the excitement of how the brides are. It’s the most joyous day, so fun to be part of their day. I love the creativity. It’s relaxing for me. It’s like therapy. It can be stressful, but I love the whole aspect of it.”

Angela gathers inspiration for her personal style from Miranda Lambert, citing her beloved cowboy boots as the center of her wardrobe.

“She has a pair of red boots in one of her videos. I need those red boots! I have a country flair but also a rocker flair. I love to dress up but I also love my workout clothes.”

Angela shares her home in Middle Grove with her dog Parker. When she’s not at Make Me Fabulous, you might find her on the water, with friends, or living life on the edge.

“I love the lake, the water, boating. I’m a water baby. I love speed and racing, Nascar and drag racing. I have a  passion for cars. I’m an adrenalin junkie. I will be forty years old this year and I want to go skydiving.  I’m a free bird. I like excitement. I love to have fun. I love my friends. My friends mean the world to me. I have a lot of friends. I respect them and they respect me.”

A life filled with friends, passion, adrenaline and all things hair… the simply fabulous life that belongs solely to Angela Barnes-Fitzgerald. #Teamfab adores her!

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